Techonlogy Professional Development (6 Oct 09)

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Technology Professional Development Central High School (6 Oct 09)

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2. Do not be overwhelmed We all adapt to change different 3. By the time we finish this period you should: - Be more conversant in using Ning as a Classroom and collaborative tool - Have become a member of St Joseph Schoo District Digital Express ; CHS Ning - Shown examples of Ning in use - Have been introduced to additional technology tools (PowerPoint Narration, Jing (Video Cature), slideshare, Yo CPS, Survey Monkey) 4. AGENDA - St Joseph School District Digital Express - Ning at CHS - Ideas for using Ning in the Classroom - Embed video / Embedded PowerPoint - Example Class - Other Technology/Instructional Tools - CPS Technology is not a substitute for good teachers , good teaching or rigor in regular classroom work . It is a tool to deliver and enhance the curriculum teachers are already teaching. 5. THEREADAND WRITEWEB 6. Slide from Sean Nash / Benton High School 7. 8. 9. PowerPoint (Narration) 10. Archimedes Principle Physics 131 - Physics for Health, Life and Environmental Sciences Abdul Mirza CENTRE FOR QUANTUM TECHNOLOGY, SCHOOL OF PHYSICS, UKZN When a body is fully or partially submerged in a fluid, a buoyant force Fb from the surrounding fluid acts on the body. The force is directed upwards and has a magnitude equal to the weight of the fluid that has been displaced by the body. 20 Fb mf g fVf g Fo mog oVog 11. Classroom Performance System 12. Survey Monkey 13. BACKUP SLIDES 14. Techy Tip - Videos made easy Go to Click on 'Education' at the bottom to sign up for an 'All-Access Pass' Upload pictures, choose music, create a powerful music video in seconds. Create a brilliant stimulus or starter 15. Techy Tip - Work Together Go to Put your Schemes of Work and other departmental documents online and invite the rest of your department. You can now edit the files collaboratively and access them no matter where you are! 16. Techy Tip - Use Plain English The CommonCraft Show is a series of videos that explains a host of complex topics, all " plain English" How to: invest money use social media survive a zombie attack and many more... You could always have students make their own! Go to to have a look 17. Techy Tip - Sharing Presentations You can upload your presentations so that others can see them! Search other presentations for ideas See winning presentations for styles and content Great for paperless training Great for revision and research You can see notes pages too Louise Jones - Goodonskis 18. Techy Tip - Find a Podcast Download iTunes, go to the Podcast Directory and click 'Power Search' on the right. Enter your subject name in 'Description' Pick something that sounds interesting and listen! 19. Techy Tip - Start a blog Blogs can be useful for a number of things. You can set homework, share resources and links or use them to reflect on your own practice. Sign up for free at , or I Should Be Marking blog at Mr Clarkson's blog at 20. When your computer stops, IWB stops, printer stops, software stops, network stops, internet stops, blogs stops............... Magic Fingers gets them going again! 21. Techy Tip - Physics made easy Who said that physics has to be boring? Over 100 flash animations of Physics concepts available from the University of Toronto Go to ash