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How to create a wiki for your classroom using Wikispaces or PBWorks.

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  • 1. Wikis in the K-2Classroom And other details!GPISD Instructional Media SpecialistDenise Wallace

2. Welcome! GPISD Instructional Media Specialist Denise Wallace 3. Be sure to sign in If you are a walk-in, you are responsible for credit Please silence cell phones and take any calls intothe hall Check email / Internet during the breaks Be sure to get all handouts before leavingGPISD Instructional Media SpecialistDenise Wallace 4. Introduction to Wikis What is a Wiki? It is simply a collaborative websitewhere users can interact with one another and makechanges to anything on the site. It can be thought of asa combined Word Document and Website in one. WIKI is a Hawaiian term (wiki-wiki) which means quick. Wikis are easy to edit and have the ability to track thehistory of anything that is being edited. So, what youpost can be traced (accountability). Wikis are becoming more and more popular ineducation for students and/or teachers to work onprojects collaboratively: Reports, ResearchProjects, Classroom Introductions, HomeworkAssignments, etc. Popular Wiki sites are free when you sign up or register.GPISD Instructional Media SpecialistDenise Wallace 5. How-to Video GPISD Instructional Media Specialist Denise Wallace 6. Getting Started with Wikis Lets look at Examples of Classroom Wikis: Interactive space for students to record their daily assignments, collaborate on projects, and provide book reviews. Mrs. Hopkins 2nd grade wiki Our Hockey Story 1st Grade Kindergarten Layout Ideas (Great Wiki) Instructional Technology Wiki (Wallace) GPISD Instructional Media Specialist Denise Wallace 7. Ideas for using Wikis in a K-2 Class? Author StudiesNewsletters Book ReviewsPen Pals Research Projects Recipes Reading LogsSchool Tours Links to educational websites Student of the Week Virtual Field Trips Test Reviews VocabularyIntroductions Math and Science problems Spelling Lists Writing Prompts Alphabet Calendars Editing Problems TEACHER COLLABORATION Comment on postings Parent CommunicationClass Story GPISD Instructional Media Specialist Denise Wallace 8. Now its your turn to Practice Go to On your handout, turn to Section II (page 3 of yourhandout) Creating a Wiki and follow the directionsto Create an account Notice that there is a site tour free educator access link We will learn how toEDIT and ADD PAGESADD IMAGES, FILES and LINKSADD VIDEOS and WIDGETS GPISD Instructional Media Specialist Denise Wallace 9. Adding and Editing Pages - is easy (Page 4 of your handout)This is an example of the HOME Page where you can VIEW your work. 10. This is EDIT Mode.Notice the edit toolbar is similar to a WORD Document.Dont forget to SAVE your work to return to VIEWING mode. 11. Creating a NEW PAGE.Title your page and add tags if desired. Click CREATE. 12. Still creating a NEW PAGE You are now in EDIT mode again and can make any text changes.You can also add LINKS, IMAGES, and VIDEO to any information. 13. EMBEDDING a VIDEO WIDGET and adding an EXTERNAL LINK(Page 4 & 6 of your handout) GPISD Instructional Media Specialist Denise Wallace 14. Your Created page may look different in VIEW mode vs. EDIT mode.Notice the Video Widget is now visible. 15. Creating Student Accounts... (page 7 of your handout) 16. After clicking USER CREATOR, this screen appears 17. Create Users/Members by typing Usernames and Passwords 18. Continue with Username/Password setup 19. Finally, VERIFY Username/Password setup 20. Questions?For a list of more Wiki Farms try the following links Comprehensive listing of MANY Wikis!http://wiki.wetpaint.comhttp://pbwiki.com GPISD Instructional Media Specialist Denise Wallace 21. Useful Tips COPYRIGHT LAWShttp://www.gpisd.orgDepartmentsLibrary Media ServicesCopyright Laws Instructional Technology Help Page (PBWiki Link with useful GPISD tips)DepartmentsTechnologyInstructional MediaTechnology Help GPISD Instructional Media Specialist Denise Wallace 22. Completion of CourseTECHNOLOGY EVALUATION LINKS (the star icon) are now available on your computer desktop. Please complete before leaving today. Please feel free to contact [email protected] Powell Elementary 972-522-6900Reagan Middle School 972-522-7300Instant MessengerGPISD Instructional Media SpecialistDenise Wallace

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