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Engaging Intellectually with Alumni Moving Beyond Football Games and Donation Requests Using Online Educational Resources (Oer) Submission Number: 33118

Technology in Teaching and Learning Dr. Kristin PalmerDirector of Online LearningUniversity of VirginiaOctober 2016

Brief HistoryStudents are OnlineMOOCsMobileLearning AnalyticsGamificationWearables

How can technology enhance learning?

Do you remember that one teacher that changed your life?

1950s Correspondence1960s PBS 1970s Computers 1980s Videoconferencing1990s LMS2000s Online at Scale2010s Flipped, Gamification, Simulation (VR)2020s Personalized, Adaptive, Always On

K-12 students must take online class to graduate

All students online all the time

We experiment with MOOCs3.5+ million learnersrevenuebite sized, online, clear goalsstudents discover UVA

Zhdan found UVA and is now full time student at Darden

How can we use mobile devices to make it easier for students to be at UVA?


How do we use data we collect to help students and faculty?

How can we use simulations, virtual reality and gamification?


Wearable Devices $34 billion and 200+ million by 2020

What will this look like at UVA? In education?

Thank You!