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  2. 2.
  3. 3. A little bit about me Why do I use technology ? Is it part of my everyday life?
  4. 4. Google Keep App App- Android Desktop
  5. 5. Who owns: -a Smartphone? -a Tablet device? -a Laptop / Desktop?
  6. 6. Im technophobic and I dont care who knows!
  7. 7. Maybe.
  8. 8. Source information, Research, Organisation, Writing, Spelling. Why do I need to use technology anyway?
  9. 9. Texthelp - Read & Write Gold (The texthelp icon on your DIT desktop computer) Read Aloud Mp3
  10. 10. I am up to here with reading! View tutorial videos for Texthelp here
  11. 11. Whats the big deal about the student GMAIL account
  12. 12. What is a Bibliography and is there an easy way to do it?
  13. 13. What is a Bibliography and is there an easy way to do it?
  14. 14. What is a Bibliography and is there an easy way to do it?
  15. 15. The Webcourses app, called Blackboard Learn, can be downloaded as an app on your phone or tablet device for both the Android and IOS. (Android and IOS App)
  16. 16. To source academic material, try Sweetsearch, the search engine for Students and Google Scholar, the educational side of googling (Websites- Search engines) RESEARCH?
  17. 17. A mind map is a diagram used to visually outline information. One such Mind map maker is called (Web Application) I find it difficult to start an Essay
  18. 18. Keeping track of your files and folders can be difficult at times. These tips involve calling your files and folders logical names. Also, file names can change in a simple way for you to keep track of them like AT essay V1. Version 1 can then become V2, V3 and so on as your essay develops. Naming convention for files and folders I need to be more organised
  19. 19. App Tool Kit Blackboard learn Time table Google Keep Evernote Easybib
  20. 20. I have been known to procrastinate
  21. 21. I have a busy life so Ill look at this technology stuff later
  22. 22. Click here
  23. 23. Sorta.
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