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1. Technologies I Used Emma Marshall 2. Blogger & the Blogger App I used this website to write my blog. It allows you to be creative as you can adjust and change the template, backgrounds, fonts and colours. I also used the Blogger App on my iPad, allowing me quick access to Blogger. I could also upload photos straight from my camera roll to my blog. 3. SlideShare I used SlideShare to upload my PowerPoints so I could them embed them onto my blog. 4. Google & Gmail I created a Gmail account so I could use Blogger and YouTube. I also used my Gmail account to send myself and my group PowerPoint presentations and photos. 5. Scriptly We used Scriptly for our scripts as its a useful app which let us input the things needed for a script, such as the dialogue, shots and scenes and helped us put it in the correct format. 6. PowerPoint & Prezi I used PowerPoint for the majority of my assignments I did to display my information and work. I also used Prezi sometimes, but did not find it as useful due to the limit on the amount of text you can use per slide. 7. PicMonkey I used PicMonkey on a few occasions to make a collage out of evidence photos. This allowed me to display a wider range of photos without making my blog look untidy. 8. IMDb I used this website to help me find information about films such as the genres, distribution companies and production companies etc. 9. Wikipedia Like IMDb, Wikipedia was used to search for information about films. I also used this for general research. 10. YouTube I used YouTube to upload videos so I could then embed them onto my blog (drafts, vlogs etc). YouTube was also used to watch other student opening sequences and tutorials on how to do certain things. 11. Freeplay Music We used this website for both inspiration for music and for obtaining some of the sounds we used in our opening sequence. It was very important to make sure the sounds we were using were royalty free or copyright free. 12. Art Of The Title I used this website to watch example opening sequences and get some inspiration from them. 13. BBFC I used this website to research the ratings and what each one meant. I was able to then classify my own opening sequence as well as finding out the ratings for other films in real life. 14. Final Cut Pro This is the editing software which we used to edit all of our footage together for all three drafts. 15. MediaMagazine Here I read articles from MediaMagazine and I learned a lot about the media industry from different stories and reports featured in them. 16. Facebook & Twitter I used these websites as a way of getting some feedback for our drafts. 17. SurveyMonkey I also used SurveyMokey for feedback and for target audience expectations.