Teachmeet slf14 presentation on Digital Creativity

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Kate Farrell's 7 minute presentation at Teachmeet SLF14 on Digital Creativity hubs in Scotland for training and supporting Primary teachers to deliver more Computing and ICT in class


<ul><li> 1. DIGITALCREAKATTEI FVARIRTELYL@DIGITALKATIECOMPUTING AT SCHOOLSCOTLAND</li></ul> <p> 2. CREATIVITYPupils who are encouraged to thinkcreatively: become more interested in discoveringthings for themselves are more open to new ideas andchallenges are more able to solve problems can work well with others become more effective learners have greater ownership over their 3. DIGITAL CREATIVITYGames DevelopmentMobile App DevelopmentWeb DevelopmentProgrammingWeb and Social MediaStop-motion Animation3D ModellingPhysical ComputingInformation and DataComputer AnimationVideo EditingAudio ProductionGraphicsDigital Illustration 4. WHAT ISCOMPUTATIONAL THINKING?Computational thinking allowsus to develop skills andtechniques to help us solveproblems effectively, with orwithout the aid of a computer 5. WHY THE FOCUS?Forecasts from e-Skills UKsuggest that there could beas many as 11,000 jobopportunities each year inICT and digital technologyroles in Scotland. 6. EXAMPLES OFDIGITALCREATIVITYACTIVITIES 7. ANIMATION WITH SCRATCH 8. GAMES DEVELOPMENT WITH SCRATCH 9. GAMES DEVELOPMENT WITH SCRATCH 10. GAMES DEVELOPMENT WITH KODU 11. BOOK PUBLISHING 12. VIDEO EDITING AND GREEN SCREEN 13. MINECRAFT AND PYTHONPROGRAMMING ON RASPBERRY PIS 14. 3D MODELLING 15. WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY 16. UNPLUGGED COMPUTING 17. IS THERE A DIGITALCREATIVITY HUB NEAR YOU?EDINBURGH (X4!) GLASGOWFIFE EAST LOTHIANDUNDEE AND MORE! 18. FIND OUT MOREWWW.CASSCOTLAND.ORG.UKKATE.FARRELL@COMPUTINGATSCHOOL.ORG.UK@CASSCOTLAND @DIGITALKATIE </p>