TeachMeet and LeadMeet Presentation Oct 2014

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My presentation on TeachMeet and LeadMeet for school leaders in the Kimberley region of the Department of Education in Western Australia


PowerPoint Presentation

TeachMeets What are they and why are they awesome?

Leon WilsonKununurra DHSHow did this all start?


Image from the Sydney TeachMeet World Record 2012 - this kind of event was amazing and unique. In March 2012 we had over 350 participants attend TeachMeet at the Australian Technology Park in Eveleighhttp://tmsydney.wikispaces.com/


How did we get here?

20112011201220122013From little things

1111Sept 13Nov 1320

113Term 4, 2014

Big things grow!

A few of the 2014 eventsTMWA EnglishTMWA FreoTMWA History (@WA museum)TMWA Innovative TeachingTMWA Science (@Scitech)TMWA GATETMWA Primary CentralTMWA PETMWA Northern BeachesTMWA East Kimberley!

Just a sample

Sideways, sideways like a crab in the mudThese are a few of my favourite thingsVideo-fy your classroom!Nurturing critical and creative thinkingPersuasive picture booksEdmodo in actionCircus skills Wow! How does that go?Andits gone!Performing arts across the school

So the question is

Who?Starfish and Spiders...

Decentralised vs centralised organisations

NoSomeone in chargeYesNoHeadquartersYesNoTheres a clear division of rolesYesNoIf you take out a unit, the whole organisation is harmedYesNoKnowledge and power are concentratedYesNoUnits are funded by the organisationYesNoYou can count the participants Yes

c/o Suzie Riddell (@SuzieRiddell)

Get connected, stay involved!

TeachMeet WA; TeachMeet Sydney

@WApln; #TMWA; #TeachMeet;

Term 2, 2015 participate, present!What about school leaders?