Teaching with Storify, Diigo and HootSuite

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    Corinne Weisgerber Twitter:@corinnew


  • STORIFYAllows you to grab anything story-worthy on the web and to create text and media-rich stories. No coding needed. Stories can be embedded anywhere on the web.

    Curation Assignment: Set up a network of online mentors using social media.


    2 Curate info received through their PLN by:

    - combing through all of it to discover the significant- bundling those ideas together- contextualizing them- repackaging them - sharing them

  • Narrative to tie the various story elements together

    Curated content in the form of blog posts & articles

    Curated content in the form of videos/tutorials

    Crediting the sources through hyperlinks

  • Curated content in the form of Twitter posts

    Creating a helpful resource and sharing it: 1,634 views

    ASSIGNMENT teaches student to connect themselves to experts who share valuable info

    TECH TOOL allows students to take bits & pieces of info, work them into a narrative & share them


  • DIIGO A social bookmarking service focused on the practice of annotating, storing, organizing, remembering, collaborating, sharing, and connecting dots into knowledge.

    A warehouse of potential course resources filed away for future usage

  • Aggregating potential course material with social bookmarks

    Minimal time investment

    A tag for every classEx: COMM3309

    Professor & students can share content by using the same tag

  • ASSIGNMENT:Bookmark at least one resource a week on a topic discussed in class that week (i.e. news stories, articles, videos, podcasts, or slideshows). Summarize & explain the resources relevance.

  • Alternative (instructor) use:To stream resources into Blackboard without updating Blackboard

  • HOOTSUITEA social media management system that helps you keep track and manage your many social network channels.

    Ideal for filtering social media content. Allows you to sort content into columns.

  • ASSIGNMENT:Set up HootSuite to locate the job of your dreams. Then sit back & relax! 1. Create a list of people on Twitter who tend to

    tweet about job openings, job hunting tips, etc. 2. Run a search & save each search as a stream3. Create a Notice Me list




  • List of people who tweet about job openings

    Search stream with key phrase PR Job Austin

  • 1. Create your own Notice-Me List. Remember to make it a private list!!

    2. Make sure your bio is up-to-date and your banner is looking good before you go on to the next step.

    3. Remember: dont ask them foranything.You want them to think they discovered you on their own.

    4. Interact with them in a valuable and interesting way





    Notice-Me List