Teaching with powerpoint

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Helpful hints when teaching with powerpoint

Text of Teaching with powerpoint

  • 1.Teaching with Powerpoint! Michael Davan

2. 3. Want to know more about Powerpoint?

  • How to use.
  • Good vs. Bad.
  • Enhance your PowerPoint

4. How to use!Powerpoint in the class room! On this website (PowerPoint in the classroom) it will take you step by step threw the process of how to make a power point and help you out with all of the toolbars and functions of powerpoint.The creators of this website say Whether it's a classroom lesson, a parents' group meeting, a teachers' seminar or an unattended kiosk at the Science Fair - PowerPoint shows you how to make a powerful impression on your audience.This shows us that any one can use it!Source 5. How to Use

  • This website also shows the teacher how to make a effective powerpoint by adding clipart, graphs, and adding motion to your text.
  • This site also helps you learn how to take your presentation with you wherever you go, and gives you helpful hint and different ways that you can do this!

6. Personal thoughts

  • After going through this website I have learned a lot of interesting facts about power point and it has helped me with this assignment.
  • This website could help me a future teacher in the sense that it can give me good advice and help me through creating my lessons on PowerPoint.
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7. Good vs. Bad

  • On the website ( technology), I found that it talks about the triple P which is the PowerPoint Paralysis. Triple "P" can be defined as the over zealous concentration on the utilization of PowerPoint, while concurrently disregarding the content being exhibited. This describes how PowerPoint can be bad when presenting material to a group or class.
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8. Good vs. Bad

  • On this site it also gives you examples of how PowerPoint can be good in a classroom setting.It talks about how it can accommodate all learners needs.
  • This site informs users how PowerPoint can be a good thing in a classroom setting but a lot explains some of the faults it can have if not used properly.

9. Personal Thoughts

  • This website has shown me that PowerPoint can help and it can also hurt by not using it properly.
  • I think that PowerPoint can be good if used properly like they explain on the website.PowerPoint should be used as a way to educate others and not used just so teachers dont have to teach all day in front of a class.
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10. Enhance your PowerPoint

  • This website talks about how PowerPoint presentations have been used in the wrong way and how people rely on their slides too much.
  • Dave Taylor talks about BPS, or boring PowerPoint syndrome, which is in his words These are the folk that use plain white backgrounds for their slides and cram ten to fifteen bullet points on each slide, each bullet point a full sentence.
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11. Enhance your PowerPoint

  • Dave also talks about how to make your slides more efficient and how to get them to intrigue your audience.
  • He talks about having slides with one quote or sentence, instead of having a bunch of points.He says that this will allow your slide show be informative, because then the presenter will be teaching and not just reading off the slides.
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12. Personal thoughts

  • I feel that Dave Taylor has a great understanding of how PowerPoint should be and how to be used to its full potential.
  • I have had teachers that have had presentations that fall under the BPS category, and I wish they would have put more time into them so the me and the rest of the students would have got more out of the lectures.
  • This website has shown me how to be creative with the use of PowerPoint and how to someday reach my students and teach them better than the some of the teachers I have had.
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13. Conclusion

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