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Slides for a workshop on teaching with videogames.

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  • 1. TeachingwithVideogamesPietro PolsinelliAll links for this talk:http://bit.ly/teachVG 1

2. Example: learn about renewableenergy 3. Teaching with videogames at its best: Ludwig.http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=nTG9Oigvd-E Wednesday, September 12, 32012 4. Ludwig: playludwig.com See trailer. 5. Search energy in a 3D environment. 6. Reach of videogames6 7. 8 8. Addiction by Design Natascha Schullhttp://gelconference.com/videos/2008/natasha_schull97% is given by the slot machine study ITWednesday, September 12, 2012 9. Learning & games: a workshop 10. This is our schedule. 11. Readings. From literary criticism to videogame criticism. 12. Fun is learning - butlearning is not alwaysfun.Fun is a feedbackwe get in the mindwhen absorbingpatterns for learningpurposes - KosterFrom Theory of Fun 13. Crash course in game design 14. 15 15. 16 16. Example analysis: PinballWhich are the user inputs?Works in different media nice on the iPad. 17. Progressive views:1.Just keep the ball in play2.Make point rich hits3.Reach goals4.Complete the story5.Solo not fun any more.Can be fun just to show off(high scores, show to friends).Pinball game hermeneutics. 18. Game are made of loopsTo analyze the mechanics of a game, you got to find the loops. 19. And loops are made ofsurpriseshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinder_Surprise 20. SticktobasicsThese are some of the mechanics plus status competition This is very important in order to establish deep contact with your users: find the deep motivation. 21. Is this simple mechanic union relevant only for classical games? Union of drawing racing 22. Drawing with your figer on the iPad is nice. Racing with small cars is beautiful. 23. Considers shape, speed. Also runtime turbo interventions. You dont drive which simplifies development, but is a plus here, not a minus. 24. SurprisesFlipper surprises us by say enabling additional bats Or by moving parts that were still. Invideogames.Using the same mechanics for different ends is usually very effective and preserves usability usedso far. 25. HEROICAHeroica: the heros journey, becomes engaging through mini games typically a DUEL. Race, mystery solving. Most natural (and most difficoult) game design choice.Interesting because of cross game gaming. 26. This game is engagingEngagement can be caused by disparate reasons:1. Engagement because of s fun base mechanic2. Engagement by using a virtual world projection mechanicsEngaging design is ambiguous: can mean engaging by using a base mechanic (flipper tower defence, verify the chapter in theory of fun), or by using a virtual world projection mechanics 27. Koster Deterding definition of fun. 28. Fun isaboutlearning ina contextwhere thereis nopressureBut in school there is, and there has to be, pressure. There is here a dynamic.http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=x5YtkTw4wn4#! 29. the flowThe blurry edge between challenging and too difficoult.There is the flow. We are tackling the tip of something complex. When we arekept at the margin of our abilities its the flow graph. So its complex,there are exceptions everywhere. 30. Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Author) 31. Learn more on Classical Game Design 32. Games based onNarrative EnchantmentAnother path for going beyond usability. Wednesday, September 12,2012 33. Metrics drivengame design intro 34. Feedback is scary but can help. 35. http://vimeo.com/32161327Mafia Wars guy. 36. Measure, measure, measure. Wednesday, September 12,2012 37. No narrative ideal, no purpose beyond monetization. Lenses in a skeleton: The Sims Social. 38. From Bokardos Metric Driven Design 39. Addiction by Design Natascha Schullhttp://gelconference.com/videos/2008/natasha_schull97% is given by the slot machine study ITWednesday, September 12, 2012 40. Went there to get milk... 41. Las Vegas Airport 42. Overall designed... 43. A different auro to the zone termSo annoying when I do jackpot. 44. Casino Gaming Magazine: indded motivated in working Uis. How to make the user feel sheswinning when shes notThe aim of game design is get player EXTINCTION NO MONEY LEFT 45. Learn more on Metric driven game design46 46. Learn more on Metric driven game designhttp://www.slideshare.net/wooga/killer-game-loops-in-social-games47 47. Link kahneman and game design. Wednesday, September 12,2012 48. New user models. 49. And from ateachersstandpoint?A positive lesson isthat games can bean opportunity forstats.Videogames are a great opportunity for statistics. Statistics are way better than teachers reportsor impressions see Kahneman 50. Example game designs 51. Game Dev StoryA small, simple game 52. Game Dev Storyreverse engineered(Zynga )http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Game_Dev_Story/WalkthroughGame genres, 53. Learning & teachingwith gamesfrom games 54. Cargo Bothttp://twolivesleft.com/CargoBot/Videogames are ideal for transmitting formal rules through concrete examples. This can cover alot of ground.Also probe test rethink probe cycle. 55. Example mockups & storyboards 56. A Word storyboardWednesday, September 12, 57 2012 57. Game flow graphs.58 58. Mockup. Tool: Balsamiq http://www.balsamiq.com/59 59. Exercises 60. Find a theme that it taught in school andthat you like. And that maybe you dont likehow it is being thought. Reach as far as youcan in this scheme:Your turn. 61. Financials 62. Estimation (sample)- Game design (game loops), model- Concept art- Logo, naming- Intro + options (only EN?) + theme music- Company setup (friends)- Running company- Game strategic choices- Getting professionals- Press reviews- Events (heuristics)- Game engine- Levels? Winning conditions?- Jingles- FB / Twitter integration- Presentation site + documentation, leaderboards- Balancing, testingProduction estimation. How much does a videogame cost? A lot:Wednesday, September 12, 2012 63. Example phases for a brower game:- Balsamiq mockup /game design- JavaScript prototype- Full game- Promo ?Dev phases.Wednesday, September 12, 2012 64. TeachingwithVideogamesPietro PolsinelliAll links for this talk:http://bit.ly/teachVGFollow me on Twitter: @ppolsinelli 65