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  • 1. Unit 57: Photography and Photographic PractiseProject Proposal(P2, P3, M2, M3, D2, D3)Candidatename: EmilyAldredTheme: Music Magazine Portrait Photo ShootPredicted final outcomeFor this portrait genre, I have chosen to produce image as if they were for a musicmagazine, I will produce at least 50 images of portrait photography, then choosethe best 10 and place them into Adobe Photoshop to edit. I hope to produce highquality images, using my friends so they appear comfortable in front of the camera.One of the main types of portraits I hope to use will be full body shots as they canvary from different poses such as laughing to sitting down with props. My goal is toachieve professional looking portraits to make them look like they are for a musicmagazine.Reasons for selection of theme (including inspiration from the work of others)Portraits are a great way to photograph people as they can vary from extremeclose ups of their face to wide shots of their full body. The image can include propsor other people with any pose. Portrait is a great genre as it has so manyopportunities of posing and styles of taking the image itself.For my inspiration, I have found 3 portrait photographers, that will help to influencemy work. The first photographer is called Laura Williams, who was a student ofphotography and is currently 19yrs old. I like the use of props such as the mirrorsand the use of editing to combine two different genres into one image.The second photographer is German born, New-York based, Martin Schoeller. Ilike his images because they have an element of humour in them, which show theperson in the photo personality. I also like the framing of the images and how largethe model/actors are.

2. My third inspiration is Clash magazine. I like the styling and the simplicity of themagazine. I like the editing of the first image, how the singer is still recognisablewithout his features. I also like the other two images because of the soft editing ofthe colours.The photo imaging equipment and medium that will be used and whyWith the cameras, I would either use the Nikon D3100 which has bettercolour depth a higher quality of image compared to the other option ofcamera, the Canon 7D, which has a faster shutter speed and a largerviewfinder. Both cameras will do a great job for portrait images, but one willdo better than the other depending on the technique used.Techniques that will be used and how they will help convey the visualmessageSome of the techniques I would like to use would include a long exposure ofthe shutter speed due to the props and make-up I plan to use, such as theuse of glitter in hair and if the model shook her hair about, capturing theglitter falling. I would also like to use depth of field to make the backgroundout of focus and my model as the focus point. I also intend to use the 3 X 3grid as the model needs to appear to be someone involved with the musicindustry, therefore would need to take up most of the image, so it portrayedto the audience who the magazine would be featuring. 3. Location of shoot I intend to shoot my portrait images in my backgarden against a brick wall, to make the imageappear urban, but still allowing the model to be themain focus. I intend for my images to be similar to thelikes of Clash magazine, sort of natural and vintagelooking.Risk and health and safety considerationsI will complete a risk assessment based on the props I will use and thelocation.