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This is a version created for a presentation for Primary School teachers

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  • Tap Into the World of Comics Strategies for using Comics in the Classroom
  • Entertaining Humour Characters Action and Fun Adventure
  • The comic making process itself offers many learning opportunities and with the incorporation of content delivery, comics can provide an effective teaching and learning tool.
  • Literacy Skills Develop Design Characters Elements Develop Computer Creativity Skills Comics Create a Decision setting for a Making story Problem Sequencing Solving Storytelling
  • Online Online Games Character Drawing creators tools Online Software comic creators Images
  • Here are a few of the best online comic creators available for students. They offer characters and design options for students. My Sims
  • Register to use Create your own one to three panel comic strips Simple drag and drop tools Has a good range of characters, settings and objects Change characters emotions and posture add speech bubbles Upload your own photos using the ImaginR Create your own characters using the TraitR Use book maker Draw your own images using DoodleR Save to Toondoo account or print Private or public option.
  • By read write think No registration Make 1, 2, 3 or 6 panel comics Line drawings with no colour Easy to use great for younger students Select setting, characters, speech bubbles and objects Focus on a panel at a time No save option Print from the site
  • You can use without registration Must register to save Can export as PDF, email and embed Many design option Make a comic book, Graphic novel, comic strip of presentation Easy to use Print from the site
  • No registration Make a comic strip 1 or 3 panels Choose from Garfield characters Easy to use No save option Print from the site Garfields Comic Creator
  • No registration Make a comic strip 2, 3 or 4 panels Characters have emotion settings Easy to use Black and white images with a block colour background No save option Print or email
  • You can use without registration Must register to save Can register the school Create 10 panels per chapter, up to 10 Chapters Based on Myths and legends from history Provides a large range of images Easy to use Print from the site
  • No registration needed Create up to 6 panels Give advice to characters first on how to deal with everyday issues Images are limited No save option Print from the site
  • Must register to use Create 1 10 rows A range of design options Is more suited for older students Alter pose and emotions Print from the site
  • Must register to use Create many panels Large range of design options placed in themes Drag and drop tools Save to account Print from the site
  • The following Comic Creators are blank and allow you to add your own images
  • Create a virtual poster Create a free teacher account and create accounts for students Make comics using your own images Or a method to display finished comics Can give permission for public to see Students can comment give feedback
  • You can create comics using PowerPoint. You change the page size to A4 so you can print it out if you wish. Add the images and put a black line around the images. You can insert shapes. There are a few comic bubbles to choose from. Comic Life is a great program which you can purchase over the internet. It provides many options to develop you creativity.
  • Students can create their own designs to create their comics using online drawing tools These drawing can then be added to comic creators Or used in Power Point.
  • Students can learn new processes and skills by creating an instruction manual. My Sims
  • This could be used for activities which involve building, safety, cooking, science, craft making and any other practical activity.
  • This site provides many comics which provide instructions.
  • Computer Games contain some of the most spectacular graphics available, so why not utilise this resource. My Sims
  • Students could do screen captures of scenes from their games and create a comic strip. This could be done using software or online applications. .
  • Some games Some great ones are allow you to My Sims, World of design your Zoo, Zoo Tycoon 2, own Moshi Monsters, but characters you could really use any game. Sims 3
  • There are also games Wow, there is no end which allow you to to how creative you take screenshots can be! within the game, you can even change camera angles. Moshi Monsters
  • Create a comic using images from a game using PowerPoint, Comic life or sites such as Pikikids. There is a great Online Comic Creator based on the Spore game.
  • You can use without registration Must register to save Can export as PDF, email and embed Excellent graphics based on the Spore game Make a comic book Easy to use Print from the site
  • Explore the Comics are theme of often Superheroes associated and create with your own Superheroes comics
  • This site Or a comic allows you to Book up to 22 create a pages comic strip long. You can even download as .pdf Choose from Marvel Comic Characters
  • DC Comics
  • Marvel Comics Marvel Kids
  • Create your own superheroes to use in comics using these Superhero creators Hero Machine M

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