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  • 1. Survey Monkey Tutorial
    Create professional surveys with ease

2. Sign in to create an account
3. Creating a survey
Once you are signed in, click the Create Survey button located on the toprightof all of the pages in your account to open the create survey page.
Or click on a previous survey to modify /edit.

4. Survey Options
There are 3 different options you can use to create a new survey.Select one of those options to apply to your new survey form.
1)Create a new survey from scratch will create a blank survey form that you can use to add your own questions
2)Copy an existing survey can be used to create a copy of a survey form you have already created
3)Use a Survey Template will allow you to select from a list of pre-designed survey forms that can be customize to fit your needs.
Clickthe Design Survey button once youve chosen you template.
5. Now you are ready to create a survey.You have 3 options:

  • Create a new survey 6. Copy an existing survey 7. Use an expert survey template 8. Choose your survey,and click DESIGN SURVEY

The DESIGN SURVEY page allows you to change the look of your survey.The BLUE ICE drop down menu will allow you to change your page color.By clicking CREATE CUSTOM THEME BOX, this will allow you to create and modify your own custom theme.You can change the font, color and design of your survey.Click on ADD QUESTIONto create your survey question.From the drop down menu you will choose your question type.Choose a display formatEnter your survey question in the question text boxEnter your answer choiceoptions for multiple choice questionsClick on SAVE CHANGESClick ADD QUESTION to add more questions
9. 10. Your created survey questionwill look like this
11. Add Pages
When you create a survey, the default Edit Survey page opens to page #1.
Click the Add Page Before/After button to add a new page to your survey.
In this page you can choose to insert a title for your page and include text for an introduction or description of the page.
Click the Split Page Here button before any question to create a page break in your survey and divide the questions onto separate pages.
12. Now let s collect your survey responses.
You can

  • Create a link to send in your own email message or to place on a webpage 13. Upload your own emails and have Survery Monkey send a survey invitation 14. Embed your survey on your website 15. Share your survey on Facebook

Now lets analyze your survey results
Click on ANALYZE RESULTSto see your survey resultsin a response percentage and response count.
16. Move and Copy Pages
You have the ability to copy or move pages and questions withina design. While in the Edit Survey mode, there is a Move and Copy button associated with each question or page.

Move questions/pages:
Select the Move button associated with the question/page you want to move.
Click the Move Question Here button in the design where you want to place it.
This button is located above or below an existing question. (Follow the same principle to move a page. The Move Page Here button is located above each page.)

Copy questions/pages:
Select the Copy button associated with the question/page.
The Paste Question Here button appears above and below each question. Just click on the button where you want to paste that question.
17. Survery Monkey can be used in schools to create surveys about

  • School violence 18. School safety 19. Drug /alcohol use 20. Bullying 21. Programs 22. Extra curricular activities

Youve just created your own survey
using Survey Monkey!!