Ed What Oh? 2012 MCCE Tech Summit

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Ed What Oh?2012 MCCE Tech Summit

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Puzzle of Social Media

Please match your puzzle pieces with your peers

Once in your group discuss the implications of your statistic

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Old School Communication

Now please share with your group member the following: Name Where you work & what you do What social media tools do you currently use

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How do I fit?

Shelly Stanton

Business Education at BWHS

Member of amazing PD (TILT, FEFE)

Twitter, FB, Edmodo, Pinterest

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Organic Group

Collection of content or people

Led by users

Control shifts among moderator and users

Content changes based on member needs

-Drupal, 2011

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Edmodo is a Walled Garden

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Create an account

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Notifications off…

1) Click on Account2) Click on Settings3) Under Notifications unclick the boxes


3. Checked boxes will send a message to you.

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Teacher Profile Add teaching content area

See connections

Student Profile See badges

Choose learning style preference

Indicate desired career path

Manage group membership

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Our group

That is a lower case l after the 7 and before the last g

Step 1

Our code

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Left to Right

Overview & then play time Posts

Quickly search posts & assignments submitted

Join/Create/Search We joined, feel free to create (we could be

your dummy group just share group on our page)

Browse Communities TILT, VoiceThread, Glogster EDU & more

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Search & Calendar Grades & LibrarySearch for student by


Search for teacher posts

Create a class calendar to share with students & parents

• Share grades with students

• Library• Share links,

documents, embedded creations & more

We will look in depth at Library and then you will have play time

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Search, Calendar, Grades, Library

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Note, Alert, Assignment, Quiz, Poll

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Note, Alert, Assignment, Quiz, Poll

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Subscriptions, Manage Members, Folders

Lots of play time ahead

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Questions, Ideas & Reflection

Thank you!