Students’ scientific symposium usamv mieadr 2016

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Dinu Ada Georgiana Group : 8112 MIEADR/IMAPADanube Delta is the youngest relief form from Romania. It has formed itself into a marine bay fulfilled with ground brought by Danube gradually, on an unstable field, from geographical point of view. Danubes branches contain a maze of small lakes, connected between them with channels.Danubes vegetation has several aspects. In some places the vegetation is very rich, that you can hardly see the water among reed and willow. Forest, pasture and arable ground invade other places. The most important characteristic of Deltas vegetation is the domination of aquatic elements. In our Deltas water, grows a beautiful and reach flora (a lot of reed and willow that grows on muddy places) and specific fauna with wild pigs, minks otters, enot-dogs. But, impressive birds like swans and pelicans populate the most beautiful parts of Danube Delta.One of the most visited landscapes on our Delta is Letea Forest, considered a natural monument because its vegetation. Many of Deltas inhabitants are fishermen and they live in small villages, built on the shores of River Danube. As a touring view, the Danube Delta offers multiple conditions to be accounted not only because its beauty but because its richness.