"Strategies from the UX Trenches: Scenarios, Storyboarding & UI Sketching"

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UX Rex UX training Class overview."Strategies from the UX Trenches: Scenarios, Storyboarding & UI Sketching"


  • 1. Strategies from the UX trenches Scenarios, Storyboarding & UI Sketching UX
  • 2. This lean UX workshop is a full day workshop for learning the basics of user centered design based on real world UX strategies used by top professionals at top companies. ! Youll participate in hands-on activities and group collaboration that will provide a framework that you can replicate and rene as you develop your own UX workows. ! Learn to design practical and memorable experiences through concept denition and lean user research. Lean UX Workshop
  • 3. This workshop is for web, mobile and graphic designers, developers or entrepreneurs looking to learn and practice user centered design techniques. ! The workshop focuses on crafting great experiences, while keeping things light, lean and focused on users. Whos it for?
  • 4. What youll learn Strategies from the UX trenches Design user experiences using the same design strategies as top UX teams around San Francisco and Silicon Valley. ! Lean UX Processes Learn lean UX techniques to lay the groundwork for great experience design. ! Hands-on Collaboration As part of a UX team comprised of you and your classmates, youll execute hands on exercises and quick concept development. What youll get Re-usable UX Framework An easily repeatable UX framework that you can use again and again on any of your projects. ! Course Materials Full set of worksheets and course materials for reference and easy starting points. ! Network & Support A new peer network for exchanging ideas, feedback and support.
  • 5. Workshop Highlights Create scenarios and real life use cases based on user research Craft great UX stories that capture the experiences of real users Identify themes & lenses to guide your thinking to the best solutions Find the right features to support your most important use cases Translate your work into UI concepts for feedback & validation Develop task ows to support the most vital use cases for your users Create fast paper prototypes to test with users Collaborate with team members for the best possible UX solutions
  • 6. Schedule Morning 9:00 AM - Noon Breakfast & lunch will be provided. Introductions Reviewing Personas and User Research Identifying Scenarios & Vital Use Cases Developing Task Flows UX Stories from the Trenches ! Scenario Storyboarding Feature Denition UI Sketching & Ideation Building Paper Prototypes Q&A / Wrap up / UX Happy Hour Afternoon Schedule 12:30 PM - 5:00 PM
  • 7. Instructor Day 1 Chris Browning is a UX and Interaction designer with 15+ years experience crafting web and mobile sites and apps. He is currently a San Francisco-based consultant who helps agencies, start-ups, and corporations build next generation user experiences. ! Chris has had the privilege of working with some of the top UX teams in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, including Adaptive Path, Intel, Mozilla, Groupon, Fitbit and many more. ! Hes passionate about solving problems, making things easier, more fun, and more eective - in both product design and life in general. !