Strategies for renewal of eLearning environments

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Deborah Jones, Program Manager, LMS Academic Support, University of Melbourne The University of Melbourne is currently reviewing strategies for our learning environment options, in the context of a university-wide LMS renewal process. Alongside this is an external review of eLearning at Melbourne, and workshops with stakeholders from faculties, learning and teaching centres and ITS. This presentation will provide an overview of the process, and highlight some key areas of interest.

Text of Strategies for renewal of eLearning environments

  • 1. Strategies for renewing eLearning environments
    Deborah Jones
    LMS Academic Support
    University of Melbourne
  • 2. Current eLearning environment
    • LMS Blackboard piloted 2005 2007, then University wide
    • 3. Over 2,500 active subjects per semester, 36,000 students and 2,700 staff
    • 4. Sakai@Melbourne supporting eResearch community: 400 sites, 3,200 users
    • 5. Turnitin, Lectopia, Respondus, Learning Objects blogs and wikis
    • 6. Local customisation, integration with UoM systems Digital Repository, Handbook, Student Portal
    • 7. Formal spaces and structured environment, but increasing interest in cloud based technologies