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For Trends in Communication and Information Technology, JOUR 4871-003, fall 2012, CU-Boulder

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  • 1.Digital Tools forNews & StorytellingTrends in Communication & Information Technology JOUR 4871-003

2. The digital storytellingtools you learn today will be used in yournext media job ... 3. But theyll either changedramatically in years ahead,or be replaced by something better ... 4. In your media/news career, you will continually belearning new tools thatdo not exist yet. 5. A sea change in content-creation toolsFROMTOClient-based software More cloud-based services(InDesign, Dreamweaver, etc.)(Storify, ThinkLink, etc.)Exceptions like QuarkXpress: Client tool publishes tomultiple digital platforms 6. Types of digital content-creation toolsCuration tools/servicesMultimediaMapsScreencastingTimeline creatorsData visualization 7. Curation tools and services Free Free or premium accountPlatform used by journalistic Free tool to read, publish, andpartners (including independent share documents and written journalists); Demotix partner works; sell themAssemble content from your social-media Free, premium, or businessaccounts; create timeline, Pinterest-likeaccount; curate content intocollection board of content digital magazines 8. Storify: Free, widely used curation tool Embed what you create on website ... Easily combine original and curated content 9. Bundlr: Pinterest-like curation toolEmbed what you create on website ... Free or $19.99/year premium account 10. Multimedia tools and services Free for now (beta period)Free or premium accounts;turns your photos, video clips, andmusic into video in minutes ... embeddable; why not for news? Free or premium account;Free or premium account; innovative interactive images create interactive collages;embeddable, freeFree or premium account; Free for now;better alternative to Powerpointcombine photos, video, audio, presentations ... Also a good toolblogs into embeddablefor news presentation multimedia presentation 11. Meograph: 4-dimensional storytelling tool Combines maps, timeline, links, photos, video, audio into embeddable multimedia presentation; new form of interactive story that can be watched (TV-like) or explored at users speedCurrently free to use 12. ThingLink: Embed many forms of content on top of photo, map, etc. Freeor premium accountSidebar/accompanimentfor text story... OR self-containedstory 13. Prezi: Not just for presentations ... Why not news? 14. In-class assignment: Create a mock multimedia storyTools Topics Storify.comEast Coasthurricane ThingLink.comImpact on Meograph.comManhattan