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This is the presentation that describes how I live my life and who I am. This is my story. How I live this world for 15 years.

Text of Story of My Life Project

  • 1. The Story of My LifePresented By: Melannie Angela P. LunasinFrom HUB12

2. IntroductionThis is a project that I willpresent in GeneralPsychology about TheStory of My Life. Itillustrate and inform thehappenings and specialevents that happened inmy life from thebeginning until now.Hope youll appreciate. 3. About MyselfGreetings, I am Melannie Angela P. Lunasin. This presentday, Im taking Bachelor of Science Major in HumanBiology. To think I live in a simple life but living with aloving family.Let me present to you my story... 4. My Hometown I live inPanamitan, Kawitin the province ofCavite. Livingpeacefully withmy parents andtogether with myrelatives. 5. Where My Life BeginsThe day of October 6, 1998. I was givenbirth in de la Cruz hospital in CaviteCity. 6. Aboutme When I was young, Iwas a shy little girl.Dependent butsometimes I amresponsible. Modest andsensitive. Until now I gotthose characteristiclingers in me. I am veryhelpful towardshousehold chores. And asimple child that is notspoiled. Never enviedpeople who are rich inmaterial things. Easilyannoyed to people. Stilldoing it now... 7. MY FAMILYLUNASIN PANTALEON 8. My SiblingBy the blessing of theLord, my motherwas given twochildren at thesame time. In shortI have a twin sister.And we are the onlychildren that myparents have. 9. Me and My Sister My sister isalways sickand I ameasily getinfected, somy motherdecided toseparate us. 10. Thankfully... But,thankfully. Mygrandmotheris notfavourable onthat decision.So shedecided to letme live withmy aunt inthe fatherEven though I actually live nearby them, side.we just live in a different houses. (From the leftbottom, my cousins, me and my sister, grandpa and anothercousin; From the top left, my uncle, cousin, aunt, father andgrandma. 11. The Person Who I Love I was raised by mybeloved aunt namedAngelita from thestart until now. Shetaught me manythings in life and Iowe her my wholelife. She gave me thechance to live withhappiness. 12. With the person who grew upwith me This is my cousin,Edywynne. We livetogether since we werechildren. Same as mysister. We are The Trioin the family. We arelike real siblings. Ourcloseness is tightlypacked together, Iremembered that wethree used to wrestle.He taught me how tofight and stand for myself. But, I put it thegood time and place. 13. My AuntiesThey are one of the mostimportant familymembers in my life.The woman in themiddle is my aunt andshe is like my mothertoo. Because she tookcare of me. And theone with the whiteblouse is like amother to me, shegives her all supporttowards us. 14. My Uncles and Cousin Here are myuncles andcousin They live inAmerica. Andthat is thereason why Iam not close tothem though. 15. My Grandparents(Left, mother side; Right, father side) 16. Experiences...I grew up on the side of my father.I am very close to themcompare to my mother sides.Recently this year, my grandmain my mother side died becauseof heart attack. That is the firsttime I encountered lose ofloved ones. My grandma in myfather side died when I wasyoung so I didnt experiencesuch events. Thankfully mygrandfathers are still alive andthey still feel our love. 17. How I was raised...When I was young, my parents have introduced me astrict household. They never let me go outside thehouse. Locking me inside the house grounds. I onlylook at the kids who are having fun outside. Butthey gave all there efforts for me to be protectedand that is what I thank for them. Giving mesuffienct needs and provide the things that I need.They let me know that I should have a boyfriend if Ifinished college and be simple as possible.Well I cant enumerate it all but that iswhat I can remember... 18. THE START OF MY LIFEEntering school is the beginning of mywhole self. Where I develop and applythings in my life. 19. SchooldaysFrom the time I was in elementary, I have onlyone friend that truly understands me. Wewere have the both same type of household.In short, it is strict. When I started high school,my parents become authoritarian couple. Atthat point, I started to become wild! I meannot in the wrong way but, I started to makemany friends compare I am on elementary. Ishowed them my true nature. But still, Istayed the simple me. 20. Love life?To be honest, I hated whenpeople having a crush onme... Especially when theyare becoming suitors. Itsjust that I dont know how toapply kindness to rejectthem. I dont want them tobe their loved ones because Ifeel I am not worthy forthem and I want them tohave a better woman. I onlystick with my friends thanwasting(?) my time onflirting. I love my friends!! 21. Likings...Well of course, I also have a crush. Having a crush for me is aninspiration or distraction for sometime. Personally, I am a meaniewhen I am talking about my crush. Probably I hated beinginfatuated, so I talk dirty to them. Like saying I hate them but forme. I really hate saying it but it pushes me to avoid the feeling ofliking somebody. Thats why I am called tsudere. It could be myparents fault I that Im like this.Note: tsudere is a Japanese character development process that describes a person who is initiallycold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time. 22. My Personality in PresentBy nature, I am a shy type ofgirl; simple. Pessimistic yetsomehow aggressive some ofthe time. Neurotic, serious,quiet. But when withcomfortable people I amloud. I am fun loving, to behonest. I am the type ofperson who has weirdthinking. Loving videogamesand animations from Japan. 23. This paper is the activitythat we did, it is aboutdescribing the personthat is written on thepaper.Well I wasnt surprisedthat they would writethat I am quiet and shybecause that is true. Butonce that they wouldget be get along with, Icould say I am noisy. Ifelt flattered and happyhonestly that someonewould describe me as akind person. 24. A date with the myself 25. My ReactionI really enjoyed doing this things, I cooked something for myself. Tothink that being alone for sometime is quite relaxing. Eating icecream, playing videogames and reading comics is really convenientto gain relaxation. But, I felt awkwardness honestly. 26. Fortune Tellers story?Since I am not allowed togo on a public placessuch as Zapote, I onlychecked my fortune atthe internet. It says thatI will be successful. Andit guesses that I amquiet. I must apply mycourage for me to obtainmy desires.I could really say that I amnot amazed, it also said thatsince I am experiencingstress and hardships when Itook the fortune telling,within 2 weeks I wouldexperience good luck. Butto be honest, I criedbecause of stress... 27. Me After 10 Years 28. All I want for me to become is be a woman whocan stands for herself and have courage toface trials. I want to help my family, friends,and relatives. I hope I could help thoseunfortunate. Like helping them even just asimple ding. I want them to provide homefor them to stay.Be contended in life; even I am not very rich, aslong as I am enjoying my life to the fullest.Giving my blessings to everyone and havegood relationship with everyone.Wishing that I find someone that I could beforever. And wish that next 10 years that Iam the person that could be the proudstuff in our family. Since I wish forgreediness, I want my family still beside me. 29. Its been a decade since I had a role model.I am gratefully that I have alreadydiscovered my role model.And that is my Algebra teacher, Sir Rondeland my Analytic Geometry & Calculusteacher, Sir Aldrin.They are both wonderful and inspiringteachers I met when I was in high school.My math teacher taught me that its okay tobe wrong. Just dont repeat the samemistakes; Be yourself. And my AGnCteacher taught me to be kind, humble andto give your best on everything. 30. Hey there woman, I hope you grew into a fine lady rightnow... You should be courageous to face trials and handlethings greatly since you are in an independent age. May yoube happy living your life. Give your best shot! I wish youcould actually read this. Stay healthy, be grateful forwhat you have. Live your life happy and dont depend toomuch on others. I will give all my strength andperseverance (really?) now for you to be happy. With thisexperiences, I wish you could use them for the better.May the odds be in your favour. Good luck and God bless!!Do your best to reach your dreams!From your past self 31. Thoughts and InsightsMany years have pass. I realizedthat I really changed. Eithergood or bad. I have reallyimproved. Applying thevalues I have in the pastreally helps me to grow.Bonding with other people,gave me knowledge aboutlife. From that knowledge ,my life is having a meaning .The life that they share gaveme experience to moveforward.For the future, I wanted toenjoy life. Problems that Ican face . And live with thepeople I loved truly. 32. So that is my story goes. Though is not fulldetailed but it shows who I am today.I hope we could change for the better andbelieve that Its only a bad day, not a bad life.There is always someone who cared for you..God bless and have a good day...Farewell! 33. Sources and CommentI apologize that the my parents photos arenot included. They dont have photos inpublic. And some pictures are kind of lostthough... Thank you for viewing!Images are from