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Hummanities10 period 1-2

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  • 1. Stephen E.AmbroseJenniferWallis, James Mc Gee, JazminDela Santos , Kevin Gonzales Humanities10 period 1-2

2. TopicsStephen Edward Ambrose Biography Stephen Edward AmbroseHistorical BooksPlagiarized scandalConsequences of scandalousPlagiarismStephen CareerWork cite 3. Stephen Edward Ambrose BiographyStephen ambrose born January 10, 1936 Lovington, Illinois.Died at October 13,2002 of age 66 at Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.Is an well known biographer and historian.Volunteered in the navy and Army ROTC during World War II.Attended to The University of Wisconsin Madison ,as a pre-med student,then changed major to American History.Became a teacher at New Orleans for a long 30 years.Then his career as an famous Historian appealed of his first book Halleckpublished in 1962.Wrote more than 30 books including his best sellers TheWild Blue,CitizenSoldiers, and The Victors.Then he was personally requested from president Dwight Eisenhower towrite a biography which took within five yearsLater he was requested from president and wrote a three volume biography.His books were so famous that he is a president and founder of ofnational museum of WII, and even created a televised show after his 4. Stephen Edward AmbroseRise to the GlobalismD Day 6144 The Climactic Battle of World War II (plagiarized) Historical Books Undaunted Courage (plagiarized)Crazy Horse& Custer (plagiarized)Pegasus BridgeSupreme Commander (questioned)Band of BrothersThe Vast LandEisenHower & Berlin 1945 (plagiarized)Lewis& Clark Voyage of DiscoveryAmerican Heritage New History of World War IIDuty Honor CountryA Wisconsin Boy In Dixie 24Nixon VolumeI (plagiarized)Comrades 5. Plagiarized scandalLate in Stephen Ambroses life, there had been evidence of plagiarism in manyof his published writings and other work. He was first accused in 2002, ofplagiarizing several passages in his book, The Wild Blue. Fred Barnes author ofThe Weekly Standards conflicted and defend the Wings of Morning by HistorianThomas Childers. It Wasnt until two days that Stephen wrote an apology onwebsite New york Times of his quotation errors in his book. This was a lead tovaluable research of a disappointing discovery about him as a Plagiarized bookthief. At the being of the research seven of his books were copied from twelveauthors. As media extended more research and had found even more plagiarizedacts and unexplained answers from Stephen Ambroses Citizen Soldiers Passages in Stephen. (Simon & Schuster, 1997) and their counterparts in an earlier work, Beyond the Beachhead (Stackpole Books, 1989), by Joseph Balkoski. Ambrose, pg. 40: "Suddenly, he gave a whoop and raced forward, the squad following, yelling like wild men. As they tossed grenades into the windows, Cota and another man kicked in the front door, tossed a couple of grenades inside, waited for the explosions, then dashed into the house. The surviving Germans inside were streaming out the back door, running for their lives." Balkoski, pg. 155: "Suddenly, the general and his group raced forward, screaming like wild men, hurling grenades in the windows. Cota and another man kicked in the front door, tossed a few more grenades inside, waited for the explosions, and then disappeared into the house. As the rest of Cotas team followed him inside, the Germans streamed out the back and ran for their lives." 6. Consequences ofscandalous PlagiarismStephen pleaded guilty of misdemeanor in2002 for plagiarism but within that yearhe died with lung caner. After the casewas closed it was shunned way from themedia and the public to know because inour researches it was rare to findevidence about his case but not knowinghis consequences. 7. Stephen and studies in He had devoted his time Careerhis career and he ended his life to apermanent Plagiarized title.He apologizes to the many of theHistorians who didnt get his footnotesas citations.The media has conquered and destroy hisreputation with multiple of evidencefound in his work.Some of his readers forgave him butmajority wise he was strictlycriticized in public. 8. Work citedResearch and Resources Images "Authors Stephen E. Ambrose Books." Simon & Schuster. Authors, n.d. Web. 31 Lewis, Mark. "Plagiarism Controversy Problems Date Back To Ph.D. Thesis." Forbes. Forbes Aug. 2012. Magazine, 10 May 2002. Web. 28 Aug. 2012.. .Plotz, David. "Why Stephen Ambrose Is a Vampire." Slate Magazine. Slate, 11 Jan. 2002. Web. 31 Aug. 2012. Lewis, Mark. "Media More Controversy For Stephen Ambrose." Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 09 .. "NORTH AMERICANS T-6A Definitive History of the Worlds Most Famous Plotz, David. "Why Stephen Ambrose Is a Vampire." Slate Magazine. Slate, 11 Jan. 2002. Web. Trainer." Aviation Books. Spitcrazy, n.d. Web. 31 Aug. 2012.29 Aug. 2012. . . "The Wild Blue: The Men and Boys Who Flew the B-24s Over Germany 1944- 45." Goodreads. Goodreads, 14 Aug. 2001. Web. 31 Aug. 2012..