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By: Stephanie Avila & Francisca Alfaro CTR: CHOOSE THE RIGHT

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CTR: Choose The Right

By: Stephanie Avila&Francisca AlfaroCTR: Choose The Right

Choosing the right is important not only because it makes people realize that you are responsible. Honest, and respectful, but it also gets you farther in accomplishing your goals in life as well as your dreams.

Why choosing the right is so important?

Living the high way includes being productive, humble, kind to others, respectful to yourself as well as others, being honest all the time, being responsible, grateful, and hardworking.

Living the High Way

Choosing the wrong, and living the low way isn't going to get you anywhere in life. Living the low ways consists of being disrespectful, dishonest, mean, rude, hateful, and unkind. People will be disrespectful to you as you did with them. So ALWAYS treat others the way you want to be treated!!!! Living the low way isn't the deal


Feeling good about yourself Receiving others respectsReaching your goals or dreamsHaving a good conscience

The rewards for choosing the right

Feeling guilty about yourselfGoing nowhere in lifeNot reaching your goalsHaving no one when you need themEveryone dislikes youHaving a knaggy conscience

Consequences of Choosing the Wrong


When you live the high way you get closer to achieving your goals or your dreams.

Low way

Every time you choose to live the low way, you get a step farther from achieving your goals in life.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9mdHMtxOjYWORK Together as a team

Always keep a positive attitude towards everyone and yourselfHelp others when they need helpBe supportive to othersDont lie to anyone cause you're just fooling yourselfListening to others when they just want to make you a better person.

How to choose the right?

Getting good gradesTelling your parents the truthDoing more than expectedReaching your goalsNot drinking or doing drugs

Examples of Choosing the right

The man who introduced to choosing the right is man who wants everybody to reach their goals and dreams. He showed us many ways to choose the right. Thank You Mr. Haymore for everything you done. We really appreciate it.

The man who introduced us to Choose the right