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Term paper writing is one of the core academic writing types that is working in many institutes around the world for a while now. Writing a term paper might get bit appealing and easy for you if you know these tips shown in the powerpoint presentation



2. STEP #1 KNOW THE ASSIGNMENT -Read the assigned material -Talk to the instructor 3. Things you must know: -Topic -Format (APA, MLA, CMS, etc.) -Length -Timetable (for outlines, drafts, etc.) -Due date -Grading criteria -Acceptable sources 4. Test your topic with preliminary research. -Is there adequate information available? -Are there a number of credible sources available? -Is it too complex? -Is it based on solid research rather than opinion or whimsy? 5. STEP #3 WRITE A THESIS A thesis is the main idea that controls your paper. It is a clear statement of your position on your topic. It is not a statement of fact, a how-to, or a definition. It is an idea, opinion, or theory that you will defend and try to convince your reader to agree with. 6. If you have trouble forming a clear thesis, try free writing. Let yourself go. A strong thesis often emerges in the midst of random paragraphs. Do some preliminary research and then write down anything and everything that you can think of on the subject. Clustering, listing, and brainstorming are other techniques that may help you to find a thesis. 7. Example thesis: Fly fishing is the most artistic style of sport fishing. The best term paper writing assistance online.


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