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Best Presentation Ever On energy Sources :- 1. solar Energy 2. Tidal Energy 3. Hydroelectricity 4. Geothermal Energy 5. Nuclear Energy 6. Wind Energy 7. Biomass

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2. windSunWood Nuclear energyCoalBy amansrock.blogspot.inGeothermal 3. PowerPlugs: Templates Highest Quality Greatest Quantity Largest Variety Consistent Professionalism Visually AppealingBy 4. By 5. Diagramatic Representation Of (HYDROELECTRICPOWERPLANT )GENERATORBy 6. By 7. By 8. By 9. (Tide Movement of water level along shore.)Low TideHigh TideGeneratorGenerator SeaDamDam ReservoirBy amansrock.blogspot.inSeaReservoir 10. By 11. By 12. HOW WIND MILL WORKS ?By 13. By 14. By 15. Production of solar energy : H HH HH e+ENERGY (heat+light)ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATIONS [Energy received /sec = 1.8 x 10 Mw.] mass difference - Energy By 16. TRANSPARENT GLASS COVER MIRRORCOOKING POTSINSULATED BOX 3030BY AMANSROCK.BLOGSPOT.IN 17. Transparent CoverMirrorInsulated boxThe box - insulating materials. (plastic / fiberglass / wood) The inner surface BLACK. (98% incident heat radiations) The walls Thick. (To prevent loss of heat) The glass cover . Retains heat inside the box. Avoids dust particles to enter in the box. The plane mirror - maximum heat radiations are reflected in the box. The outer surface of cooking pots BLACK. The temperature - 100C -140C. {2 hours} By The food cooked which requires slow heating. Viz. Dal , Rice, Pulses, Vegitables.etc. 18. Cold water tankCONSTRUCTION :Insulated Storage tankMain cold Water line Flat plate collector. Insulated storage tank. Copper pipes coils outer surface - black. Coils bending provides more area for absorption of heat. All connecting pipes copper(good conductor of heat).Hot water to tapFlat plate collectorWORKING : Cold water from tank Insulated storage tank with pressure. From insulated storage tank Flat plate collector. Solar radiations , water Hot Lighter - goes up - Enters into tank. Hot water being lighter remains at the top. Hot water from tank, through copper pipes - connected to hot water tap. By 19. Cold water tankInsulated Storage tankMain cold Water lineHot water to tapFlat plate collectorBY AMANSROCK.BLOGSPOT.IN 20. By 21. By 22. By 23. TYPES OF NUCLEAR REACTIONSBy 24. BY AMANSROCK.BLOGSPOT.IN 25. By 26. DISADVANTAGES High risks:It is technically impossible to build a plant with 100%security. The energy source for nuclear energy is Uranium. Uranium is a scarce resource, its supply is estimated to last only for the next 30 to 60 years depending on the actual demand.Nuclear power plants as well as nuclear waste could be preferredtargets for terrorist attacks.. During the operation of nuclear power plants, radioactive waste is produced, which in turn can be used for the production of nuclear weapons. By 27. By 28. Biogas is a mixture of gases such as methane (75%), carbon dioxide, hydrogen, hydrogen sulphide etc. which is obtained by the decomposition of animal and plant wastes like animal dung, etc. with the help of micro-organisms in the presence of water. It is used as fuel in gas-stoves these days especially in rural areas.By 29. BIOGAS Gaseous fuel - Microbial decomposition - Organic matter - In absence of oxygen Methane (CH4) , C Carbon dioxide (CO2) , USES : lean combustible fuel. Cooking , Space heating , Lightning, etc.. Hydrogen (H2) , Hydrogen sulphide (H2S).BIOGAS PLANT :ValveDomeSlurry SludgeDigestorBy 30. BIOGAS PLANT :Valve DomeCONSTRUCTION : Two main parts - Digestor , DomeDIGESTORSlurryWell like structure containing Animal waste in the form of slurrySludge DigestorBelow the ground levelDomeWORKIING : Slurry slurry tank - DIGESTORFixed typeFloating typeTWO PIPESFeeding animal waste , SLURRY (Cow dung and water) Taking out the used slurry SLUDGE.VALVE Like a tap Anaerobic microorganisms decomposes the slurry in presence of water. In few days BIOGAS is evolved. 80% methane, (CO2), (H2), (H2S). [excellent fuel , burns without smoke.] Biogas DOME.through valve can be used Residue left behindSLUDGE-sludge tank SLUDGE very good fertilizer By amansrock.blogspot.inRich in N2, P,K. excellent fertilizers. 31. By 32. This type of energy is obtained by tapping the heat of the earth, which is mostly in the form of hot water and steam. Various technologies are used to get to the heat under earths surface at different depthsBy 33. By 34. ADVANTAGESBy 35. Not enough places to built geothermal power stationGeothermal sites can also run out of steam for decades It costs a lot of money to build a geothermal power station Emitted noxious gases and minerals can be difficult to dispose safely Pollutants cause global warming and acid rain and land stability is also affected By 36. When the water flows from the earth make its way down close to the hot rock (lava), it turns the water into steam. The hot water can reach to over 148C. This is how it works in a geothermal power plan. Steam rotates a turbine and it activates a generator and produce electricity.By amansrock.blogspot.inDry Stream Power PlantFlash Stream Power Plant Binary Cycle Power Pant 37. Dry Steam Power PlantFlash Steam Power PlantBinary Cycle By Power Plant 38. By 39. Turn off the lights when not in useInstall ceiling fans in all possible locationsUse toaster oven or microwave for all kinds of small mealsBuy energy star appliances wherever possibleBy amansrock.blogspot.inDefrost freezers and fridge, and get rid of the old onesSwitch your energy use to non peak times 40. By