Sopa/PIPA: What They Are, and Why They Matter

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Slides from a short presentation given on the features of two plagiarism detection tools: Turnitin and SafeAssign at a recent Faculty Forum on Teaching and Technology (1/26/12)for more about the Faculty Forum:


<ul><li>1.SOPA/PIPAWhat They Are, and Why They Matter Photo by Kevin Burkett</li></ul> <p>2. 7,000 websitesover went dark on 1/18 3. 1/18: 270,000 tweets/per hour If SOPA passes, there will be no more YouTube, Twitter, Google, Wikipedia, Facebook and many more sites you love to use! #stopsopa #retweet1/23: 16,000 tweets/per hour Under SOPA, you could get 5 years for uploading a Michael Jackson song, one year more than the doctor who killed. via 4. Infographics:Media Consolidation: The Illusion of Choice (slides 14-22)A Technical Examination of SOPA &amp; PIPA (slides 23-29)#STOP SOPA: How the People and Social Media Changed Congress Mind in One Day (slides 30-34)SOPA AND THE FILM INDUSTRY (slides 35-39)End Piracy, Not Liberty (slide 40)A World Without Wikipedia (slides 41-44)PIRACY (slide 45)Behind SOPA: What It Means for Business and Innovation (slides 46-51)SOPA: THE INTERNET BLACKLIST BILL (slides 52-58)Kristen A. TregliaFordham University 2012 </p>