Some inspirational Permaculture ideas for sustainable living

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A tour through some sustainable living ideas for home, table, garden, person and computer, inspired by Permaculture Design.

Text of Some inspirational Permaculture ideas for sustainable living

  • 1. Inspirational Permaculture Ideas- Tools and Techniques for Sustainable Modern LivingPeter Cow, 2011

2. NB. Permaculture is a universally applicable sustainable design system,which develops positive win-win ecological and social solutions.It is not a set collection of techniques, nor is it just about gardening...We can use it to design what is optimum for each unique situation,so these slides sre for inspiration, not prescription.Work out what is best for your situation, dream, experiment, design,create new techniques and ideas...and share them with the rest of us! 3. Part One Ideas for the Home 4. The Hay Box Cooker 5. Draught Busting Events and Eco Home Tours 6. Energy Usage Monitors Use computers to record and analyse your usageTo build your own monitor- 7. DIY Double Glazing Clingfilm, tape and a hair dryer... 8. Rainwater Collection from Drainpipes 9. Thermal Mass Rocket Stoves 10. Treebogs 11. Measure your Eco Footprint And see ways to reduce it... 12. Part Two Feeding Ourselves 13. Wild Food -a few favouritesLime tree leaves Nettles - crushed and eaten raw, or steamed/boiled in soups. 14. Perennial Vegetables Daubentonsperennialkale Egyptian Tree Onions Globe ArtichokesTo learn more, and find seed suppliers visit Earth Abbey or Plants for a Future 15. Forest GardeningFor information and seeds/plants/books 16. Mulching 17. Sprouting 18. Permaculture Zoning - where to place things 19. DIY Rodent Proof Tyre WormeryDIY - Slide Show 20. Comfrey for Mulching and Liquid Feeds 21. Potato Tyres and Strawberry TowersGrow vertical... 22. Part Three Permaculture in Person 23. Four Questions Exercise Whats going well? Whats challenging? What are my long termvisions and goals? What are my next achievable stepstowards them? 24. Mind MappingFreeMind open sourcemindmapping software 25. The Work That Reconnects 26. Eat More Salad 27. WWOOFing 28. Sit Spot 29. Mentoring, Apprenticeships and Life Coaching 30. Ceremony and Celebration 31. Part Four Permaculture in Computers 32. Free and Effective Open Source SoftwareWant an advert free internet?try Mozilla Firefox With the Adblock add-onVLC Media PlayerFor writing, presentations,and spreadsheets try Open Office Free and Easy Mindmaps with FreeMind 33. Free and Easy Website CreationCreate your own website to record and publicise designs, thoughts, events and photos using a powerful open source web based blogging program such as WordPress 34. For cheap and friendly travel goCouchSurfing Internet Treasures Sustainable World Radio PodcastPermies.comTED - Videos and podcasts fromthe conference at the cutting edge of... everythingUK Permaculture AssociationGlobal Permaculture Network 35. This is only the tip of the iceberg, a blurred speeddating of some of the flavours of our resilient, possible,sustainable, positive futures - this slide show could goon for days...Click the links to find out more - learn, experiment, play,co-create, make your own slide show, make a wiki,recreate community, enjoy life and pick fruit. 36. With Thanks to -Hannah ThorogoodAranyaGraham BurnettDavid HolmgrenHedvig MurrayAnd countless others whose work and photos I foraged off Google Images Peter Cow2011