Social studies is boring

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  • 1. SOCIAL STUDIES ISBORINGBut does it have to be?

2. THE ISLANDS OFENLIGHTENMENTPROJECTS The Understanding the Holocaust Project The Heir of the King Titanic Rising Build your own island. 3. What does it look like? Students read and get an understanding of the history ofthe Holocaust of 1939-1945 (Teachers Choice) They read the book, Diary of a Young Girl-Anne Frank 4. What does it look like? Students get orientation to the Islands of Enlightenment-Virtual Environment Students get a historically clad avatar They teleport into the digital recreation of the Streets ofAmsterdam where the Annex was located. 5. What does it look like? Students do 10 Common Core- Multi-subjectassignments Final Project is to make an exhibit in the DigitalHolocaust Museum 6. TheHeiroftheKing What does it look like Students are given a role in Medieval Society Through interacting with others students must try to solvethe mystery of the rightful heir of the kingdom. Students will keep a picture diary of their experiences anddialogue. (ELA component) Learn about the caste system and research their role insociety. (Social Studies Component) 7. Titanic Rising? 8. Build Your Own Island 9. Links to Learn More