Social Media Workshop 2012

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I specialise in helping companies integrate a social media and digital commerce strategy into their online business, focusing on my 7 step process on the social media training day. Part 1: What is Social Media and Why Does Your Business Need It? Part 2: Define the Business Goals and Social Media Tactics and Metrics Part 3: Training on Social Networks and the Tools Part 4: Incorporating Social Media at Every Stage of the Business "Socialise the Businesses" Part 5: Social Media Marketing LEAD Strategies and Business Integration Part 6: Calls to Action and Accountability Part 7: Feedback Form - To Fill Out of the Days Experience


  • 1.Masterclass inSocial MediaWarren KnightSpeaker / Author / ConsultantCEO, co-founder of Gloople20 years Sales & Marketing5 years Social MediaSocial Media for BusinessSales Techniques for SMEInternational Business Please feel free to Tweet @wvrknight #wksm during this session

2. Online storeGroupBuy &Affiliate Social FlashSalenetworkintegrationPeer to peersharingRefer a frienddiscountRatings &Mobile platform Embedded reviews Facebook store 3. Who are You? 4. Define Your Brand in 140 Characters1. Who are your existing clients?Who are they? And why do they buy from you? Look for common characteristicsand interests. Which ones bring in the most business?2. Your competitionWho are their current customers and who are your competitors targeting?Think of a niche market that they might be overlooking.3. Analyse your product/serviceWrite out a list of each feature of your product or service. Next to eachfeature, list the benefits they provide4. Choose specific demographicswho is most likely to buy it. Think about the following: Age Location Gender Income level Education level Marital or family status Occupation Ethnic background5. Consider the psychologyPsychology is more personal characteristics of a person including: Personality Attitudes Values Interests/hobbies Lifestyles BehaviourDetermine how your product or service will fit into your targets lifestyle. 5. Social Media Explained 6. Social SuccessSocial SalesSocial MarketingSocial Customer ServiceFind Social forums,Listen and monitor -Engage with customers offer ablogs, social sites &Brand, Market and support channel for their issuegroups Competition Encourage one and done fastTune in Listen to theStart dialogues comeresponse to tweets & Facebookconversations. Set upout and meet peopleGoogle alerts, joinAutomate social listeninggroups and forums, use Identify influencers letLinkedIn, follow Twitter people inside, throughMaximise your knowledgeconversationsblog posts, tweetsmake it easy for customer- facing people to access yourSocialise your CRM Make it easy for people toexpertiseIntegrate social profilesshare your content social commerce trust Social-enable your onlineTrack social-drivensupport portal rewardingsales measure theUse tools that share best users who help other usersreturn on your socialpracticeIntegrate all channelsinvestment 7. Monitor 8. Twitter450+ Million users1,500 x 1,300 9. FacebookFacebook Searchhttp://fbsearch.usTimeline: 851 x 315 PixelsProfile Picture: 160 x 160 Pixels 10. Google+170+ Million usersGoogle Places 11. YouTube1100 x 2000 PixelsImage 350-450 12. Social ShoppingPinterest 13. LinkedInProfile 100%HeadshotHeadline (Keywords)Summary150+ Million usersTop of LinkedIn1. Headline2. Work Experience3. Past Experience4. Summary5. Specialities 14. MobileInstagram 15. Hootsuite 16. Best Practice 5 a DayAdvice: As an expert you should offer adviceShare: Article, link information that aligns with your businessEngage: Industry. Follow them, re-tweet, engage in conversationsHave fun: Be funny - send links to relevant funny articlesSpecial Offer: Send information about a special offer, promotion, event1 Post a DayPictures: 3 Images at a time (Facebook)Video: Link to a video you have placed on YouTubePress Release: Take a picture and load or link to online article1 Blog a WeekAdd Value: Talk around the business and add value to your audienceCompetitions & Polls: Find out what your customer want 17. Feedback FormConsultancy / Training / MentoringTell us WhatYou Think