Social Media Presentation [LKM 2009]

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  • 1. Social Media
    By Kieran Cassidy, Lucy Cannan and Matthew Cox
  • 2. What is Social Media?
    Social media is a form of media which helps people to stay connected through different mediums.
    It promotes an idea of sharing and collaborating
    It gives us the ability to be ourselves more and allows us to distribute ideas to different audiences
  • 3. It has many different forms including:
    Social Networking
    Second Life
    Virtual Worlds (e.g. World Of Warcraft)
    Instant Messaging
  • 4. What does social media promote?
  • 5. Social Networking
    A social structure and place of connecting with friends using profiles.
  • 6. Blogging/ Micro-blogging
    An online journal where people can share any thoughts or feelings immediately with their most recent post first
    They can be for personal, political or business use
    The most popular form of blogging website at the moment is twitter
  • 7. wikis
    Websites where people can edit content. They promote collaborative working. They can either be open or private.
    The most popular wiki is Wikipedia which is an online encyclopaedia used as a reference source.
  • 8. Podcasting
    A collaboration of audio and video content which builds around an audience and different communities. They are very popular for audiences of radio stations
    It allows people to listen to the content when they chose to.
    If people subscribe they automatically receive the newest edition. You can get podcasts through itunes.
  • 9. Forums
    Allows people to come together an contribute towards any type of discussion on any subject that is important or relevant to them.
    They promote a strong sense of community and are hugely popular.
  • 10. Second Life
    An online computer game but combined with a virtual world. People use an avatar to represent an in game representation of themselves.
    10 million people use second life to interact with other people.
  • 11. Content communities
    Allows people to share but only through one particular form or content
    Flickr allows people to share photos either personal or professional
    Youtube allows people to share personal videos or video blogs but also professional companies put some videos there
  • 12. Instant Messaging
    Real time communication via the internet including two or more people using typed text or webcams.
  • 13. Summary
    Social Media promotes the idea of people coming together through the internet
    It is popular with mainly a younger audience.
    Social Networking is the most common form of social media