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December 2012 Social Media Marketing Class - Jennifer Cheatham


  • 1. Social MediaMarketing Final PresentationBy Jennifer CheathamDecember 2012

2. Social Media - What is it? Social Media is the media Ourclasswe use to be social. Itgives the consumer aexperimented withvoice!the following formsof Social Media It allows consumers thepower to speak to the Bloggermasses, and, Facebook More importantly, social Twittermedia offers two-waycommunication between LinkedInthe company and theconsumer .Follow me to seethe results 3. My Blog: Genevieves ViewsPosts12 345 6 78Comments 22 122 0 11View 615323 3 8 21 15CountDayWedMon WedMon Tues Tues TuesWedPostedI thought that Blogging was fun. I received a total of 11comments and 94 page views. It is difficult to tell which day ofthe week was the most popular for my site but my mostsuccessful blog post was on a Monday with 23 views. I suspectthat the title of the post is why it was read the most. It wasentitled, Social Media Multiple Angles. 4. My Blog:Genevieves Views Blogging with a Vlog! Added 4 weeks ago, I now have 32 YouTubeviews on my Channel for the Vlog entitled,Business Communications. Since this was a classassignment, I did not add meta tags but Isuspect this would have increased my views. The video was a fun project. Slowing down thespeaking pace could have increased theeffectiveness of my video as well as changingthe video length from 60 seconds to 30 seconds- as the average view time was only 45 seconds. Since I like to write, I plan to continue blogging!It makes sense for business to update customersand personal use. 5. My Facebook PageFacebookAnalytics Facebook is another social Friends Likes Groups I followmedia tool that you canuse to keep contact with 921 2your customer by givingthem value-addedcontent and not This Facebook account was mynecessarily sales pitches.personal account. I did learnhow to create a company Friending your customercan go along way in account and I definitely seeforming a long-term that having two Facebookrelationship with youraccounts could becustomer as their go-tosource! advantageous. I personally liketo have work friends/ workrelationships and personalfriends. 6. Loved it! Short! Great for Business orPersonal Use I follow the MurrietaPatch, CNN, City ofMurrieta, HootSuite,UCTwitterRiverside, TradeshowMarketing, Dr.Guignard, myhusband, and some Short and to the Point 140 characters or less! I would like to useTwitter in the futurebut dont believe itapplies to mybusiness, at this time. 7. LinkedIn I had not previously used LinkedIn. I know that it isa terrific networking tool and a great way to buildmy personal brand by showing my current andpast accomplishments, current picture,organization interests in marketing, public relations,and tradeshows as well as my personality. It was much more user-friendly than I thought itwould be. I have received LinkedIn requests fromwriting vendors that I have worked with in the past- - and am super excited about that! Now, I just need to set those security settings! 8. ConclusionWe live in a global world I have known this tobe true. However, through the Social MediaMarketing class, I have learned that we also livein a global-social society!It was very interesting to me to take this class with international students and gainan understanding of how they, too, view social media and the marketing toolsthat are available to us. In the end we are all doing the same thing we areinformation gathering. We are seeking information, networking for relationshipsand working to gain a better understanding of one another in our globalcircumstances.For me personally, I will of course continue to use Facebook . For my currentbusiness, Facebook is still the best way to connect with our customer base although, I can see that changing as customers become more technologicallysavvy. The biggest take-away for me is that I have gained a better understandingof todays social media tools and have also realized that social media is not just afad. It is a tremendous marketing tool of the future (and now) that I need toembrace!