Social Media in Higher Education - Barriers & Digital Literacy

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Slides for talk at Social Media In HE conference, Sydney, June 26 2012.


  • 1. #smhe12Social MediaBarriers & Digital Literacy #smhe12
  • 2. MeeasegillNigelRobertsonWaikatoUniversity
  • 3. IntroWhat I mean by SocialBarriersDigital Literacy
  • 4. What is Social? People Interaction Scale Response time ReachImages courtesy of Anirudh Koul & Giulia Forsythe and a CC license &
  • 5. Age 6 8Users 140 million 860 millionPosts/hour >14 million >77 million Who would have predicted these outcomes?
  • 6. Or social software being used in education ...
  • 7. Barriers Perceptual Structural AwarenessImage courtesy of Matteo Parrini and a CC license
  • 8. Time I havent got time to learn something new ... Is this valid? Do we have the wrong approach to new?Image courtesy of Jill Clardy and a CC license
  • 9. Fear"In such a technological age as we are currently living in, Ihesitate to put myself out there as you so bravely havedone. I have received the invitation to try out the LinkedInsystem but began to wonder about having all thatinformation floating around the internet. Im so paranoidand Im not sure why!" Blog commentA lot of lecturers are entrenched in doing thingsin a certain way and dont necessarily have theconfidence to try and use technology and beprepared to get it wrong. Toothill, J
  • 10. PedagogicalMy existing pedagogy worksWhat possible reason is there to use Twitter?
  • 11. I see no reason to changeImages courtesy of Sam Belknap and a CC license
  • 12. Barriers PerceptualStructural Awareness
  • 13. Compliance1. Be relevant to the teaching and learning, research, administration, community engagement, marketing and communication functions as outlined in the Policy ...2. Be authorised by the head of the relevant organisational unit3. Meet mandatory content standards.4. Comply with relevant international standards.5. Comply with relevant legislation.6. Comply with policies such as the Visual Standards Policy, and the ICT Services and Facilities Use Agreement (under development). [(Non) Permissive Culture]
  • 14. PermissionWho is allowed to engage with socialmedia? [(Non) Permissive Culture]
  • 15. TechnicalIs Facebook blocked?Are you able to install clients e.g. Tweetdeckon your computer?Are the sites you visit monitored and reportedon? [(Non) Permissive Culture]
  • 16. Barriers Perceptual StructuralAwareness
  • 17. LeadershipHands up if you have a VC who tweets regularlyTake your hands down if they only tweet marketing things or if someone else writes their tweets for themWhere are the models and exemplars for staff to learn from? Where is the leadership?
  • 18. PedagogicalFew exemplars availableOften adopted as a single intervention, notpart of developing a personal learning networkor digital literacy approach
  • 19. Digital LiteracyWhat is digital literacy?What is our approach?How does it link toSocial Media? Image courtesy of Antony Theobald and a CC license
  • 20. Horizon Report NZ 2011Digital literacy is a key skill in everydiscipline and professionMost academics are not using new andcompelling technologies for learning &teaching, nor for their own researchThe abundance of resources & relationshipseasily accessible via the Internet challenges usto revisit our roles as educators
  • 21. Digital Literacy"Digital literacy defines those capabilities which fit an individual for living, learning and working in a digital society" JISC"Digital Literacy is about mastering ideas, not keystrokes" Gilster, 1997"Digital Literacy is a condition, not a threshold" Martin, 2006
  • 22. We are all Natives
  • 23. Digital Literacy ProjectDeveloping staff digital literaciesConfident & agile This isLifelong learning critical for our university today
  • 24. Digital literacy themes Wonder & curiosityOpennessParticipationSharingOnline identitySafety
  • 25. What are we doing?"3 before me"Self paced video helpJust in time supportExplicit help[Permissive culture] Image courtesy of D. Sharon Pruitt and a CC licence
  • 26. What are we doing?Engaging senior leadershipDigital Literacy workshopsYammer[Permissive culture]
  • 27. OpportunitiesSocial Media & Digital Literacy BenefitsPromote research Personal benefitProfessional connectionLifelong learningCollaboration opportunitiesActive learningSocially constructed learning Learner benefit
  • 28. Personal Learning Network
  • 29. Research"..people will download your research if you tell them about it."Nearly 3000 downloads in 6 months over 9 papers (avg 320/paper)Melissa Terras, UCL blogging-and-tweeting-about-research.html
  • 30. Twitter exampleAuthenticityAffordances Image courtesy of Edoardo Costa and a CC license
  • 31. Ecosystem approachBlogsYouTubeFlickrBookmarksTwitterRadio
  • 32. Finally...Be openParticipateShareExploreExperimentBe real
  • 33. End? Stay social, keep sharing @easegill #smhe12Image courtesy of ryancr and a CC license