Social Media Best Practices: Pacific New Media Class

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You have picked up the lingo Follow Us on Twitter, Like Us on Facebook but what does that mean in practice? Social media is intended to be both holistic and strategic. Who your business follows, how you converse, what content you share, all tells a story of who you are as a company. Through a tour of best practices for each profile - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube - you leave with a better understanding of the latest trends, etiquette, what it looks like to "do social media right", and why the details matter. This is a beginner, fast-paced class so bring a basic understanding of social media. Gwen Woltz is co-founder of Wahine Media, a local social media agency that specializes in strategically building thriving and engaged online communities for businesses ( Gwen is a graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, the president of Social Media Club Hawaii (, a finalist for Pacific Edge Magazine's Young Professional of the Year, one of Hawaii's Top 15 Social Media Influencers in 2012, and has over 6 years of digital media and marketing experience. Taught by Social Media Club Hawaii (SMCHI) professional member.


<ul><li>1.Social Media Best Practices Slides: </li></ul> <p>2. If the phone rang, wouldnt you pick it up? 3. Social media best practices are no dierent than relationship best practices 4. Understand platform unique strengths and weaknesses 5. Resize and customize your content for each platform Fill out and keep proles updated Do not feed content from one prole to the next Know where your audience resides and live there 6. Chobani on Pinterest Dont: Nordstrom Hawaii on Twitter 7. Know your voice and be consistent 8. Is your brand voice personable? Funny? Eccentric? Helpful? Professional? Smart? Everyone who posts must be consistent Your content should match your voice 9. Cholos Mexican Homestyle Restaurant 10. Not all fans are created equal 11. Acquire quality fans and know it requires work and resources Ads: make incentive more than just liking or following Invite from sources outside of social Utilize in-person opportunities 12. Wine Logic 13. Join hands with your neighbor 14. Join forces with similar brands to expand your reach Why should you like other Facebook pages? Dont be afraid to talk to other brands 15. Tesco Mobile, Yorkshire Tea, Jaa Cakes, Cadbury Hawaii Tourism Authority and Hawaiian Airlines Havaianas on #TL_Chat Agent Caeine 16. Create remarkable content 17. Context is everything Produce things your audience actually wants to consume Content should entertain, inform, educate, shock, inspire 18. Velocity Parters NPR Music Chipotle 19. Invest in relationships 20. Respond to EVERYTHING Be appreciative when people share with you Start conversations, continue them over time and get to know your fans personally Dont judge, every fan counts 21. Hawaiian Airlines on Twitter Aston Hotels &amp; Resorts 22. Its not always about you 23. Dont make every post about your brand or product Bring people into the fold by sharing other peoples content Give back and provide value to your community 24. Bishop &amp; Company AT&amp;T: Shout from the mountain top Virgin Airlines on Google+ 25. Build and army of brand advocates and ambassadors 26. Create awesome experiences and let your fans market for you Advocates are built through trust Make sure the ask is appropriate to the relationship Evangelize internally 27. Makers Mark #NASAsocial Podio 28. Reveal your human side 29. Bring the face of your company to the spotlight Share your best qualities that feed into your brand 30. Adoboloco on Instagram Esme Infante Anuhea on Instagram Richard Branson 31. Strike while the iron is hot 32. Take advantage of real-time events and news Stay on trendtheres nothing wrong with joining a bandwagon 33. Oreo and the Super Bowl tweet Mini and the Royal Baby 34. Share your expertise 35. Author whitepapers, blogs, guest blog, share opinions, host live chats Contrary to what your instincts tell you, give it all away! Participate in LinkedIn Groups and Google+ Communities Create useful how-to videos 36. Wistia 37. Have a policy in place 38. Make it short and easy to understand Empower dont restrict 39. GAP Ford Motor Company 40. Keepintouch! Wahine Media web: wahinemedia.comblog: @wahinemedia! ! Gwen Woltz Twitter/Instagram: @gjwahine! ! ! Download this slideshow: </p>