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SITUATION SORTER By :Purple Fish - Eloise Bunting, Philippa Allbutt, Darcey Park, Abbie Sisson, Georgia Charlesworth, Georgia Hope.

Situation sorter presentation

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presentation about the app situation sorter by purple fish

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By :Purple Fish -Eloise Bunting, Philippa Allbutt, Darcey

Park,Abbie Sisson, Georgia Charlesworth,

Georgia Hope.

Page 2: Situation sorter presentation

Who? TeenagersWhat? Teenagers in need of help

When ?all the timeWhere? Any place with Wi-Fi

Why? To help solve their problems


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The people that will use this app may have emotional problems, addictions or obstacles

in their lives. They may also suffer from abuse or bullying , depression or anxiety

and might not have somebody that they can trust to talk to , the app will give support and advice to these people. We aimed this app on teenagers from 12-19 years old as when we did research we discovered that these are the people who suffer the most

from these problems.


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The core question that we are addressing in our app is ‘how can I overcome my situation?’. We would like to give help to

whoever we can to answer this question.


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The people using this app will have a problem and will need help or advice so that they can defeat whatever it is, however lots of people either don’t have anybody to

trust and confide in, are too embarrassed to tell the people close to them or they are scared that people will

judge them when they find out so they are often trapped however our app offers a way out , advice that will help from somewhere that they can trust as they

know their information wont be shared (as said in terms and conditions).they will also know that the app cant

judge them, therefor they will overcome their obstacles. We did lots of research and we found that teenagers from 12-19 suffer from lots of the problems we are

helping with so we based our app on that age but the problems can still affect all ages so we do know that it

will be very frequently used and will hep a lot of people.


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My team, Purple Fish, is developing an app called situation sorter

to help teenagers to solve an issue they are dealing with through giving advice and



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Our users could be teenagers in trouble or going through a tough

time , they may not have somebody to confide in therefor

they would turn to an app for help. Their issues can vary and

they are in need of help, we intend to give this help. Our users may not be teenagers, they could

be adults as well , it could be anybody suffering with an issue.


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They could get help from somebody around them however most teenagers are either too embarrassed and scared of being judged or

don’t have somebody they can trust.There is one other app called agony aunt

however comments said it was slow and didn't work very well so we wont have any

competition for solving their problems.We believe that our app could actually help

people solve their issues as we are somebody that they can confide in with their problems

and receive advice from.



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It aims to help teenagers going

through a tough time through giving advice or being somebody for them to

confide in .


Page 10: Situation sorter presentation

It will be simple and linked to the theme , it wont be a complicated

system as users will get confused .it has links to the problems pages on the home page and this will make it flow better. We also already did surveys

and everybody said they would use it and that it looked like a good app.


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It will have a home screen with links to

all of the main pages like terms

and conditions, the accounts and the problems page.

Below is a example of what it will look



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Creating an account will mean everything

is more private ,It will have a diary

section for people to write about their problems in and their progress in

solving them. Below is an example of how it will look:


Page 13: Situation sorter presentation

It will have screens for each problem giving advice and links to a website to give them

further help. Below is an example of what it will look like:

The key wireframes

Page 14: Situation sorter presentation

Our app will be easy to use and will be very

simple so it is easy to make.It wont take up much data and most of the work will be linking the parts of the app so it wont be very hard to make. We will not charge customers for the app , nor will we

have in app purchases as we feel this would put people off and our aim is to help them

so we will have space for adverts of councillors and rehabilitation centres so that it can be something useful for the


Data, content and technical feasibility

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We had many people interested in buying the app but they said they

would prefer not to pay therefor we came up with a solution. We will

advertise counsellors ,psychologists and rehabilitation centres . We think that because it would be a possible

customer that would see it , it would be a good investment for the

companies, also it would benefit the users which is our main goal.


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We could hand out leaflets and go into schools to speak to the teenagers and as this is our target audience it would be a good place to go because they are there everyday. We are also aware that lots of

teenagers are on social networking sites so we could make a twitter account or a

Facebook page .


Page 17: Situation sorter presentation

App Design Mock-up

Our group really feels like this app would

not only be frequently used but could change peoples lives for the better which

was our aim. However we are aware that it is a very serious concept as we are dealing with peoples lives but we do feel that the app would have a positive effect on the

lives of the users and has the potential to be very successful.

What we would like to say…