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1. Massive droughts (Flickr, 2010) 2. Overview Drought definition The reason Australia is prone to drought Sustainable solutions & immediate plan of action Reflection 3. Definition of Drought Drought is a natural disaster Drought refers to a water shortage (National Museum Australia, n.d.) Perth rainfall (Water corporation, 2014) 4. The reason Australia is prone to drought Geographic location (National Museum Australia, n.d.) Australia is a flat continent University campuses (Flickr, n.d.) 5. Rainfall totals for Australia over 24 months Twenty four monthly rainfall totals for Australia (Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, 2014) 6. Sustainable solutions & immediate plan of action To live sustainably in Australia, farmers, communities and cities need to adopt strategies to conserve water and effectively manage environmental conditions These sustainable solutions include: 1. Working with the land (National Museum Australia, n.d.) 2. Water recycling options 3. Water storage solutions 4. Continue research into sustainable solutions to conserve and store water 5. Everyone conserve water 7. Reflection Actions to improve sustainability are both individual and collective endeavours shared across local and global communities (Australian Curriculum Assessment & Reporting Authority, 2014) Everyone can do there bit to conserve water The Western Australian Government is already planning for the future of Perth with plans for a water recycling facility As rainfall declines in Perth and demand rises due to population increases the Western Australian State Government has confirmed plans for a water recycling plan in Perth. Potentially providing up to 115 billion litres of water a year by 2060 (Mercer, 2014) 8. Is it possible to drought-proof Australia? Based on the evidence drought is a natural part of the Australian environment, therefore to reduce the impact of drought, Australia needs to be less vulnerable Waiting for the rains to come (Flickr, 2012) 9. References Australian Curriculum Assessment & Reporting Authority, (ACARA). (2014). Retrieved from lity Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology. (2014). Twenty four monthly rainfall totals for Australia [image]. Retrieved from tep=0&map=totals&period=24month&area=nat Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. (2012). Drought in Australia. Retrieved from stralia_2012.pdf Flickr. (2010). Massive Droughts [image]. Retrieved from Flickr. (n.d.). University campuses [image]. Retrieved from 10. References continued Flickr. (2012). Waiting for the Rains to Come [image]. Retrieved from Mercer, D. (2014, June 12). Perth faces wastewater reality. The West Australian, Retrieved from faces-wastewater-reality/ National Museum Australia. (n.d.). Investigating drought its causes, impacts, management. Retrieved from learn/schools/classroom-resources/units_of_work/drought Water Corporation. (2014). Perth rainfall table [image]. Retrieved from and-dams/rainfall