Shutter speeds and panning

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  • 1. Shutter Speeds& Panning & Panning
    • Exercise:3

2. Correct exposure is a balance between the aperture and the shutter. 3. Today we will be using Shutter speed priority(S or TV on the mode dial).We will set the shutter speed using the wheel and the camera will work out the aperture. 4. The Shutter

  • The duration of light striking the film is controlled by the shutter.
  • The time that the film or the light sensor is exposed to light is measured in fractions of a second. For example 1/2000 is a very fast shutter speed and 1/25 is a slow shutter speed.

5. The photographer, by choosing the length of exposure, is capable of exploring moving subjects in a variety of ways. 6. By choosing long exposures moving objects will record as blurs. 7. Long exposures can convey as sense of movement... 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. By choosing fast shutters speeds it is possible to see the beauty of form in motion. Something which our eye naturally cannot do. 14. Fast shutter speeds can freeze motion. 15. 16. Harold E. "Doc" Edgerton, born 1903 17. 18. 19. 20. Panning

  • This allows photographers to follow a moving object with the camera.
  • Panning allows the photographer to use a slower shutter speed that would otherwise be required if the camera had been static.
  • A good pan should show the subject in focus and the background blurred.

21. How to pan!

  • The photographer must aim to track the subject before the shutter is released and follow through or continue to pan once the exposure has been made.
  • Try and make the pan as fluid as possible - dont pause to release the shutter.

22. Focus!

  • Its important that you get your focus right.
  • AF (Automatic Focus) can be slow.
  • So put your camera into MF (Manual Focus) and get the focus point correct before you begin. Tip: Focus on a leaf on the ground of where the subject will pass.

23. 24. 25. 26. 27. Todays Target:Exploring Shutter Speeds Exploring Shutter Speeds

  • FREEZE MOTION:Take 5 images of a running or jumping figure using fast shutter speeds (faster than 1/250 sec), attempt to get the figure to fill the frame.
  • BLURR:Take 5images of a moving object, using slow shutter speeds (less than 1/125 sec). Again fill the frame!
  • PAN:Take 5 images of the same moving subject using shutter speeds between 1/15 sec and 1/125 second.Note down the shutters speeds used.Pan the camera to follow movement. Aim to make the subject fill the frame. Discuss the visual effect.