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1. Shutter Island Mise en scene, camera and editing 2. Camera The angles used here is an establishing shot, which has a long screen time which creates tension. Lighting In this scene the colours are very dark and dull which creates tension and fear. The sky is dark to show the storm over casting the island, this links to the suspense filled atmosphere created by the opening. Setting In this scene the setting is isolated, this creates suspense. Sound At the start of the film non- diegetic, intense, dramatic music is played, this creates suspense. Camera The angles used throughout this scene is a mid- shot and close ups, this creates a tense atmosphere. Clothing Both wearing suits which suggests they are working on an investigation. 3. The camera angle for this scene is an establishing shot, it shows the whole scene. The scene shows an island which is in an isolated area and there is no easy way of getting off the island- this creates a sense of danger. Natural lighting is used in this scene. The facial expressions of the guards are threatening. The officers are holding assault rifles, this suggests crime and defence. 4. An establishing shot of the scene is used to show the whole scene. An aerial shot of the car is shown in this scene. In this scene as the car passes the building, there is barbed wire which is surrounding the building this suggests security. The building may contain confidential things that must remain a secret.