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A few thoughts on the education system in China and how it needs to develop.

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Why should our kids get engaged?

Sheephappens1This is me

Andy Clark

(a very nice guy)

2As a new father Ive been thinking.


Ive been in China for 10 Years4

teaching on degree programs5

delivering Teacher Training programs6

and building a corporate training company.7From the MNCs in China that weve trained


we hear the same problems, again & again9

Our staff are simply not speaking up in meetings10

Our team lacks creativity11Our staff are: too easily distracted


Our team lack social skills

(especially our engineers)13

E-mails need more specifics


Presentations fail to generate interest15

often being monotone and lacking body language16

Our staff have difficulty in understanding the management perspective or putting themselves in others shoes17 Presentations lack body language

even handshakes fail to generate a feeling of confidence18

So what are the Roots?19While every year our phones, computers, cars, music, clothes, weapons, holidays and housing upgrades

Our education system is still fundamentally the same as it was 100 years ago



Like sheep, in education weve simply followed the previous generations that came before 22But the world has changed

China now has twice as many graduates as the US


China is now the worlds number one English speaking country24

National Education Budget = RMB 56.2 Billion (2.5% GDP)Education Index (UNDP) = 81stStudent Numbers:Primary & Secondary = 217.1 millionUniversity & Vocational = 39.9 millionTeachers = 16.2 millionEducation in China25

but population density in many areas26

means average class sizes of between 60 and 80 students27

How do you control a class this size?2860% of Chinese children suffer corporal punishment(State Media Report) 2004-12-07

29So combine that with thisStudy Pressure and Interpersonal Relationships are causing children most concern - Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences

30And this

83.6% of parents expect their child to rank within the top 15 (of 50) in their class - China Youth and Childrens Research centre


And even this!

It is not only intense study pressure that hurts creativity, but a system of learning that is built largely upon one-way lecturing and rote learning. - China Education Blog32

And its no wonder the kids feel the pressure which sadly contributes to this33

And this34

1. Change the seating plan & halve class size 2. Change the exam breakdown3. Next curriculum & teachers resources A few solutionsSo what can we do?351. Change the Seating Plan& Halve the Class Size


These seats and desks are fixed


While these can be moved

38So lets change this

39to this

40Or even this


Which would allow:Greater InteractionTeamwork & Team CompetitionsDiscussion & Idea GenerationGroup Problem SolvingTeachers to move around the room to help students


Teachers sayWe could never move the tables! It would be chaos and students would not listen to us, they would just talk to each other!

Which is true

so at the same time we also need to432. Change the Exam Breakdown


Changing the Exam Breakdown

from this to this100% Final Exam

40% Final Exam20% Mid-term exam15% Teamwork project15% Presentation10% Homework grades

453. Add Next Generation Curriculum & Teachers Resources


Who should be designing our curriculum?

This guy???47

Or maybe these guys ?


To add game dynamics to education, so learning becomes as addictive to kids as this49and with building valuable teaching resources

50And recording the best teachers

To share best practices with those all over the country51

The China Education China Education Blogwww.chinaeducationblog.comJoin your PTA (or start one!)& Ask your teachers questions!So What Now?52

So hopefully we can make sure that:Sheepdoesnt happenfor the next generation53

54ClarkMorgan Corporate TrainingFree Call (in China): 800 820 5501Outside China: +86 21 5403

E-mail: Blog: