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Serendipity Art Unit

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For Ms. Fuentes 2-D Art 2/3 Class - examples and instructions for the art unit on Serendipity. There will still be surprises or happy accidents in class... :)

Text of Serendipity Art Unit

  • 1.Finding inspiration with an open mind

2. Happy accident"or Pleasantsurprise Finding somethinggood while notspecificallylooking. 3. Our first try for serendipity loosely themed Nature vs. CultureIdea adapted from The Blooming Palette/Davis School Art magazine, Feb 2010 4. Nature walks and/or dumpster dives inclass Find some small, interesting objects bothnatural and man-made. Put them in your Zip Loc Bag Not too dirty or dangerous please! 5. Sketch your objects usingweighted line. Zoom in,crop, try different angles. Optional: treasurehunt at home for morethings sketch them and/or bring next class Try sharpies to simplifySample sketches 6. Research nature vs.culture theme in art Print/sketch anexample you like;journal about artist Links online to helpAngkor Vat, 9th Century temple from Optional-more items Khmer Empire, (Cambodia) 7. Combine & draw yourobjects in a still life (doseveral thumbnails) OR combine your sketchesin visually interestingways (thumbnails) Feel free to repeat, edit, orabstract shapes & forms 8. Tape edges of your paper Complete final sketch LIMITED color palette triadic oranalogous work well Watercolors and sharpies (happyaccidents) Class demo on watercolor Add accent lines at end if needed 9. Example from Issmay UentesfayExample from The Blooming Palette, student artist Grace G. 10. Were you successful? Did you use the Rule of Thirds? Does your piece use rhythm or contrast? HOMEWORK: bring oil pastels or crayons if youcan for Magical Mystery project Bring any liquid drink (juice box, soda can,coffee, tea) (extra credit) . Or piece of fruit realor fake. 11. No further information available (or it wouldnt be a mystery) 12. SPILL your liquid on the canvas or watercolor paper. Put in drying rack. 13. Student Example Notice how sheuses organic shapecombined with thespillage India ink & brush Details added withoil pastel Credit: TheBlooming Palette(via Pinterest) 14. MAGICAL MYSTERYDIRECTIONS, PART 2Take spilled paper/canvasFind an organic object from thestill life objects.Sketch it with diluted india inkon your spillage.Select 3 oil pastels to furtherdevelop your compositionFollow teacherinstructions.SURPRISE!!!(another example from TheBlooming Palette) 15. Were you successful? Why or why not? Did you use the Rule of Thirds? Does your piece use rhythm or contrast? What did you learn? 16. Figure drawing we will be abstracting figuresketches that you do in class. Need volunteers to sit on the tables asmodels (clothed) MORE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW STAYTUNED