Seeing is deceiving

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As more and more information and entertainment is acquired through non-print and mixed media, the ability to both think critically about images, and to create visual content, becomes a crucial skill.

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  • 1.Seeing is Deceiving: Visual Literacy in an Information Age by Diane Cordell eye_0001 by lovelornpoets

2. 3. wife mother librarian teacher editor reader writer learner traveler photographer friend grandmother Self-portrait in mirror by dmcordell @dmcordell 4. My kid could draw that by erin m Visual literacy is the ability to understand and produce visual messages 5. Reading with Daddy by bolinhanyc Visual skills are a necessary foundation for later speech and reading skills 6. Overflowing by zoetnet 7. via Earth Island Journal News photos and videos 8. Advertising American Spirit Organic Cigarettes byATIS547 9. Infographics augmentation manifs by Ownipics 10. Question from the August 2012 NYS Regents Exam in Global History and Geography Maps and charts 11. Blue prints, Schematics, Directions nick following pictographic lego instructions by sean dreilinger LEGO Instructions, Kindergarten Style by eilonwy77 12. Social Networking sites and photo sharing apps Thats Polish girls for you by Michal Huniewicz 13. ...rather than concern ourselves with the preferred learning style of an audience member we should think about the modality that best suits the content. -Olivia Mitchell, Speaking About Presenting CAVEAT for educators Multiple Intelligences by pabeaufait 14. Standards for Visual Literacy NCTE #12 ISTE ACRL Abstract abstract of an abstract by kevin dooley identifies need finds & accesses interprets & analyzes evaluates uses effectively designs & creates practices ethical use 15. Visual Literacy Array 16. Identifies Need LA Essential Learning Outcomes by Enokson 17. Finds and Accesses Creative Commons Wikimedia Commons Library of Congress 18. Finds and Accesses Creative Commons Wikimedia Commons Library of Congress 19. Interprets and Analyzes Analyzing by cathboblet 20. Evaluates DSCF7191-x by Siekutera 21. Infographics Are Broken. We Can Do Better by Erick Schonfeld Uses Effectively 22. Designs and Creates Architect 23. Ethical Use Photograph gallery by dmcordell Practices 24. Lets take a closer look at how this works... Rube Goldberg Machine 25. Analyzing and evaluating image: 26. Infographics, Explained by LEGOS 27. 2012 Data Journalism Awards 28. Winning entry from the Guardian, UK 29. Text 30. SMASHING Magazine, Eronarn imagine-a-pie-chart-stomping-on-an-infographic-forever/ 31. SMASHING Magazine, Eronarn imagine-a-pie-chart-stomping-on-an-infographic-forever/ 32. Infographics Behaving Badly by swexler 33. Infographics Behaving Badly by swexler 34. Infographics Behaving Badly by swexler 35. Snopes 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. Uses effectively, designs and creates Are We Still Afloat by artist Kaarina Kaikkonen by Glyn Lowe 46. Number 3 by Leo Reynolds 47. Data Visualization the way in which information is presented inside-the-infographic-studio-part-1-research-and-design-0153753 48. Typography style, size, and arrangement of letters Which is more effective? 49. Color the effects of hue, value, and saturation Dragonfly photo - original by dmcordell A Living Flash of Light by dmcordell 50. Beyond the Book: Infographics of Students' Reading History 51. First photo taken by Scottish schoolgirl, Martha Payne, in 2012 for her blog, NeverSeconds Japan Spain 52. Winning poster for Massachusetts Water Resources Authority Contest Claire Kiewra, grade 7 53. Rose Droplets, Angela Qiu Balancing Forces, Victoria Kadous Coin Stack, Zixuan Zhang High School Physics Photo Contest American Association of Physics Teachers Light Scattering, Michael Contegni 54. Photo manipulation and ethical Use Oops...Another bad day for Mrs. Gulliver by xalamay 55. Healthy Body Image: A lesson plan for high school students American Eagle Ads 56. BEFORE AFTER The F& B Advertising Agency wanted to show just how easy it is to change someones appearance in this campaign for their client, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (Sweden). 57. The Most Controversial Magazine Covers of All Times magazine-covers-of-all-time/ 58. The Most Controversial Magazine Covers of All Times magazine-covers-of-all-time/ 59. Ban on Coverage of Military Coffins Revisited 60. Homeless woman by Ed Yourdon 61. Copyright Criminal by courosa Ethical Use: Copyright and Citations 62. Visual literacy in education Art teacher by Mario Glambattista 63. Picturing America National Endowment for the Humanities 64. British Museum/BBC: A History of the World in 100 Objects 65. Oakland Museum of CA 66. Gordon Parks 67. Gordon Parks 68. Gordon Parks Grant Wood 69. Gordon Parks Grant Wood American Gothic 70. Samuel Bak Painting: Sanctuary 71. Samuel Bak Painting: Sanctuary 72. Samuel Bak Painting: Sanctuary April 1943, Warsaw Ghetto /the-ghetto-the-nazis-and-one-small-boy/ 73. Image Detective Read an image closely. Think critically about turn of the century America. 74. Image Detective website 75. 76. Going Retro for International Read Comics in Public Day by dmcordell Reading time