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  • 1. Seeds Grow! By Linda Comstock

2. There are many KINDS of seeds! cucumber (vegetable) acornflower Watermelon(fruit) other nuts pine cone 3. Whats INSIDEa SEED? Seeds have a PLANT inside! 4. Wheredoseeds come from? Seeds come from plants. Each kernel of corn is a SEED! 5. What can you do with seeds? You canEAT seeds! You canCOLLECTseeds! You canSTUDYseeds! You canMAKE THINGSwith seeds! You canPLANT seeds! 6. Here are some SEEDS you can EAT! Can you name them? 7. Seeds makevegetableplants. We eat the VEGETABLES! Can you name them? 8. Seeds Make Fruit Plants! We eat the FRUIT! Can you name them? 9. How are seeds planted? How are seeds planted?

  • Seeds fall to the ground.
  • Seeds are carried by wind.
  • Seeds are carried by water.
  • Seeds are carried by animals.
  • Seeds are planted by people.

10. stem roots leaves Parts of a plant stem leaves roots 11. What do seeds need to GROW? What do seeds need?

  • air
  • water
  • sunshine
  • minerals

12. Watch the SEED GROW!Can YOUGROWseeds?