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Secrets to Motivating Students / Youth

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Secrets to Motivating Students/Youth

Text of Secrets to Motivating Students / Youth

  • 1. Dr. Tommy A. Watson, Ed. D., ACC
  • 2. Thank You
  • 3. Overview Interactive time together (Like Southern Baptist Church Experience) I hope that you like your neighbor Message: Our expectations matter Share my story of hope and educators who helped me to be motivated Research on expectations Interactive questions 3VS to student motivation Short Q & A
  • 4. The Educators Creed Above all, do nothing to diminish hope. What does it mean to have hope? What are the benefits?
  • 5. My Story Dr. Tommy A. Watson web: Bestselling Book: A Face of Courage Twitter @DrInspiration1
  • 6. Denver post news Tommy Watson doesn't blink when I ask for his parents' names. He just asks me not to print them. The names give me access to their criminal records, and as I leaf through them, I wonder how Tommy Watson made it
  • 7. The Power of a Teacher by Haim Ginott Ive come to a frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element in the classroom. Its my personal approach that creates the climate. Its my daily mood that makes the weather. As a teacher, I possess a tremendous power to make a childs life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration. I can humiliate or humor, hurt, or heal. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis will be escalated or de-escalated and a child humanized or de-humanized.
  • 8. What do you see? 0/awareness-test-your-attention-span-is-shorterthan-you-think.html What did we expect to focus on starting out? We see what we are directed to see. How often do we do the same with our students? Do we see students as At-risk or At-resilient? How do we see ourselves?
  • 9. Research on Expectations Our expectations become self-fulfilling prophecy Pygmalion In Classroom (Ground breaking study on expectations, 1968 Rosenthal and Jacobson) High expectations always trump circumstances People w/ poor expectations internalize their label (blue-eyed vs. Brown-eyed Experiment (Jane Elliott) Educators/schools with low expectations blame school failure on student behavior, poverty, lack of support from administration, inferior facilities, uninvolved parents, and bureaucracy at the district level. Educators w/ high expectations focus on student learning, building relationships, classroom management, and professional development to support their efforts. Students live up to or down to educator expectations Students most impacted by low expectations: Black/Latino, male, lowincome, special education High Expectations= High Demand & High Care
  • 10. 3Vs to High Expectations/Motivation 1st-Values 2nd- Vision/Visuals 3rd-Verbal Affirmations 1+2+3=High Expectations/Motivation
  • 11. Values Connecting content and future to value of students Uninterested #1 reason for dropping out of school The value one puts on the perceived outcome or reward. Whats in it for me? Relevancewhen they think the learning goals and assessments are meaningful and worth learning (Marzano, 1992) Must have clarity of individual needs, desires, goals, dreams Belief in value of outcome My example How do you (will you) find out what your students value (interest/dreams) and connect those things to content and to their future?
  • 12. Vision/Visual Search Institute identified: Positive Personal view of future (key asset) Showing students a clear path Providing students with examples of people who have been in similar circumstances Is the belief that if I complete certain actions then I will meet my achieved outcome (Clear Path). In the classroom-Clearly state expectations and evaluation for expectations upfront Task claritywhen they clearly understand the learning goal and know how teachers will evaluate their learning (Marzano, 1992) Students are provided with work examples and rubrics for academic outcomes Vision of what is possible My example In what ways have you or will you provide examples of success (inside and outside of the classroom) to your students?
  • 13. Verbal Affirmations dominate our language Research shows: Negative words Letting students know that you believe in them Look at a man the way he is, he only becomes worst. But look at him as if he were what he could be, then becomes what he should be. Johann Goethe Does the person making the request believe in me? Speaking positive words into the life of your student (greatness, over-comer, college, etc.) Examples: My example, Ryan Vernosh- I am Somebody, Harvest Prep School, CDF Freedom Schools Something Inside so Strong : What words of encouragement (poems/song) do you (or would you like to) share with your students to let them know that they are capable of meeting the desired outcomes and that their efforts matter?
  • 14. Expect to Be the Hero that Your Students Need
  • 15. Story of Hope
  • 16. Q&A