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  • 1. Scott ODellMay 23 , 1898 rdOctober 15 ,1989th

2. Born in Los Angeles, CaliforniaMoved around often within thestate of California because hisfather worked for Union PacificRailroadPolytechnic High School in SanPedro, CaliforniaAttended numerous Universitieseven though he never obtained adegree Stanford University The University of Wisconsin Madison The University of Rome Bostrom, 2003 3. Rather than dedicate his time towardearning a degree, ODell "only tookclasses that interested him and classeshe thought would benefit his writing.Bostrom, 2003, p.134 4. Employment HistoryMore than just an awardwinning author 5. BackgroundMember of the Air Forceduring WWIIWorked in Motion PictureIndustryWrote formagazines/newspapersLaborer on a citrus ranchEditor for the Los AngelesNews Bostrom, 2003 Silvey, 2002, 332 6. Interesting Facts ODells writing began as he became Before finishing Thunder Rolling, ODellangry seeing the hunting of animalspast away. His wife ended up finishing thenear his home novel for him. Cullinan & Person, 2001, Bostrom, 2003, p. 135p. 599 There is a Scott ODell Award for historical ODells first novel never made it to fiction (1982)print. He burned it after he read it over Bostrom, 2003, p. 135several times. It was never ODells intention to write for Bostrom, 2003, p. 133 children or young adults Cullinan & Person, 2001, p. 599 ODell taught a course in photographywriting There is a Scott ODell Award for historicalfiction (1982) Manned the first Technicolor camera Bostrom, 2003, p. 34 7. Personal AccomplishmentsAuthor of a John Newberry Award winning book Several other Newberry Honor titlesHans Christian Anderson Award ODell said that this award meant more to him in his career as a writerthan any other he received.Regina Medial (1978)FOCAL Award (1981)And many more 8. However ODell is most notable for hiscontributions to children and young adultliterature 9. The Black PearlPublished in 1967by HoughtonMifflin in 1976John NewberryHonor Book (1978)Based on aCalifornia LegendReleased as aMotion PictureFilm in 1978 10. ODell, S. (1976). The black pearl.Boston, MA : Houghton Mifflin. While the discovery of a mysterious black pearl provides hope for Ramon and his family, it proves to be more peril than not. After waking a demonic creature, Ramon uncovers a more adventurous and dangerous path than he ever expected. 11. Island of the Blue Dolphins ODells book wasinitially denied becausethe publisher thoughtthe protagonist shouldbe a boy and the settingshould be more modern.Later published byHoughton Mifflin in 1960Based on a real eventsAside from introducingthe world to a fabulousauthor, Island of the BlueDolphins has won someprestigious award Bostrom, 2003 12. Island of the Blue Dolphin Awards John Newberry Award (1961) Lewis Carroll Shelf Award (1961) Childrens Literature Association: 10 Best American Childrens Books of the Past 200 Years (1976) School Library Journal , Books That Shaped The Century (2000) And More 13. ODell, S. (1960). Island of the bluedolphins. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. After being abandoned by her tribe, Karana experiences the death of her brother Ramo, hatred for the wild dogs that took his life, hunger, friendship and love for the place she calls home. The reader hears receives a first-person perspective on what it takes to survive in the wild alone and the difficult decisions one faces in life. 14. Sing Down the MoonPublished in byHoughtonMifflin in 1970NewberryHonor Title(1971)BooklistContemporaryClassics forYoung Adults(1984) /Biography.aspx 15. ODell, S. (1976; 1970). Sing downthe moon. New York : Dell Pub. Co.: Told from the perspective of a young Navajo girl, Bright Morning tells the story of her tribe that was ripped away from their livelihood and forced into slavery. After escaping capture with her best friend, she comes to find out that her life will never be the same. 16. Visit the following sites for additional information on Scott ODell and hisworks: Scott ODell Biography Scott ODells Website Goodreads The Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton Countys Catalog and Biography Databases 17. References Bomstrom, K. L. (2003). Winning authors: Profiles of thenewberry medalists. Wesport, CT: Libraries Unlimited. Drew, B. A., & NetLibrary, I. (1997). The 100 mostpopular young adult authors (Rev 1 ed.). Englewood,Colo.: Libraries Unlimited. Gale Cenage Learning. (2012). Gale biography in context.Retrieved October 8, 2012, from Oracle. (2012). Scott Odell biography. Retrieved October7, 2012, from 18. References Cont Scott Odell. (1995). In A. Silvey (Ed.), Childrens booksand their creators (pp. 496-497). Boston, MA: HoughtonMifflin Company. Scott Odell. (2001). In B. Cullinan, & D. Person (Eds.),The continuum encyclopedia of childrens literature (pp.599-600). New York: Continuum. Scott Odell. (2002). In A. Silvey (Ed.), The essential guideto childrens books and their creators (pp. 332-333).Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Company. Skyforce Technologies.Scott Odell. Retrieved October 8,2012, from