Save Water, Save Earth..!!

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>WATER</p> <p>WATER </p> <p>Water : A precious GiftWater</p> <p>Wateris the most commonliquid onEarth . It covers about 71.4% of theEarth.Pure water has no smell, taste, or colour.Lakes,oceans, andriversare made of water</p> <p>Water Resources</p> <p>25 % of Worlds Population didnt get clean Water to Drink .Current Situation40 % of the world population do not have sufficient water for adequate living and Hygiene. India with 16 % of the worlds population has only 4 % of the fresh water resources.Two out of every three people on earth will have to live in water stressed condition by the year 2025 .Water Scarcity</p> <p>By 2050, water scarcity will affect 2 to 7 billion people out of total 9.3 Billions..</p> <p>In many rural areas, women still have to walk a distance of about 2.5 kms to reach the source of water. On an average, a rural woman walks more than 14000 km a year just to fetch water..Current Situation.</p> <p>Some people dont have enough freshwater where they live. It is important for everyone to conserve, or save, water so that there is enough for everyone.</p> <p> The Main reasons for Water Scarcity is Wastage of Water and Water Pollution By : HUMAN ACTIVITIESWater is now becoming Polluted due to Human activities.Man is only responsible for the water Pollution.Now-a-days Factories, Industries wastes are releasing in Water Bodies, Rivers,Lakes etc.Water Pollution</p> <p>Factory Wastes</p> <p>Aquatic animals die due to Contaminated Water </p> <p> Pure Water Polluted Water</p> <p>Water ScarcityWastage of Water</p> <p>Wastage of WaterIf the water wastes by Drop-drop continuosly then, 10 liters of water wastes in a day.In month : 300 ltrs.In year : 3600 ltrs. So, it is better not to waste water. </p> <p>Leakage of Water Leakage of Water by pipes also wastes so much water. Wash laundry &amp; dishes with full loadsAlways turn off running waterTake shorter showersEliminate any and all leaksReduce the flow of toilets &amp; showerheads</p> <p>What we need to do to save water ? </p> <p>Turn the water off while you are brushing your teeth or washing your face.Check your home and school for leaky faucets, and tell an adult if you find one that drips.</p> <p>Conservation of WaterTake shorter showers, and dont fill the tub all the way when you take a bath.</p> <p>Dont leave the garden hose on all night when watering plants.</p> <p>Make sure the dishwasher and washing machine are full each time your family does a load.</p> <p>Water is Life .</p> <p>Jal hai to Kal hai</p> <p>Dont Play with waterIts not a Joke !</p> <p>Save our Blue Earth.</p> <p>22nd March is Celebrated as World water day.2005-2015 is celebrated as International decade of Water . 3rd World war will be fought for water in our World..So, Save Water then Water will Save You!Facts about Water.</p> <p>From : UDAYGIRI B</p>