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  • 1. ConversationEven if you already know your roommate, it is important to take some time together toexamine each others personal styles and preferences for living. Following are some possible topics/questions to begin aconversation with your roommate:My home life is...I plan to major in...My friends would describe me as...The grades I hope to get this semester are...Something that is very important to me is...Things that really annoy me are...Top TEN Ways to Get Along When Im angry I... With Your Roommate My idea of relaxing is...I normally go to sleep by... 1. Be honest.One thing I can learn from living with you is... 2. Deal with conicts in a timelyI think an important difference between usis...DALTON STATE COLLEGEfashion. 3. When something is bothering you, Please take the time to lldeal with it up front.HOW TO LIVE WITH out a roommate agreement 4. Avoid backstabbing and gossiping.YOUR ROOMMATE to help you in your living 5. Try at rst to resolve the issue byinvolving as few people as possible. situation. Contact your RA 6. Remember that its not alwaysWHAT you say, but HOW you say it.or any Residence Life staff 7. Assume nothing...ASK.member for more 8. When help is needed, go to your RAor Residence Life ofce forinformation and resources.assistance. 9. Remember you are dealing withhuman beings with feelings, rights,and responsibilities. 10. Finally, dont forget you are one ofDalton State College those human beings as well! Housing and Residence Ofce of Housing and Residence Life(706) 529-6752

2. 4 CS OF ROOMMATING C EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONTIPS Use Assertive I Messages Share Feeling I feel... Request specic behaviorsI would like...How can you enhance the positive influence you and yourroommate have on each other?Practice Active Listening Use clarifying questions 1. At the very beginning of your relationship, inventory your habits and preferences: tidy or casual, stay up late orWhat do you mean by...get up early, punk rock, classical jazz or hip hop, study alone or with others, etc.How can I help you in... 2. Work out strategies of compromise for your differences.3. When you are irritated (or pleased) with your roommate, express it directly and immediately. Dont store up Paraphrase thoughtsresentments and explode when he or she commits a minor offense. Dont discuss your roommate problems withWhat I think I hear you saying is...others when you havent discussed them with your roommate.So you would prefer that... 4. Recognize that there are at least t wo sides to every story. Hear your roommate out. Try to see things from his/her perspective rather than jumping to conclusions.5. Most problems can be resolved or alleviated. If you cant work out the situation with your roommate-and youactually tried doing so instead of assuming that it cant be done-ask for assistance from someone who will beobjective, such as a mutual friend who is not directly affected by the situation, a resident assistant, orcoordinator of the building. The person can meet with you and your roommate to help you resolve the problem.