RHS TeachMeet - March 2014

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  • 1. TeachMeet - Wed 19th March 2014 Speed dating 3 minutes to discuss/ come up with an idea to improve your classroom practice or share something good under the theme headings below: 1) Innovation: - Students to do a Science experiment, not just watch demonstration - Creative writing students to use own experiences - Group work carousel every student moves to a different group during the lesson and takes part in different activity on that table - Maths writing out the actual steps to problems; students make notes in text book style 2) Student learning skills: - Students doing starters - Student becomes teacher (plenary) - Students to use colour cards (red, orange, green) to show whether they have understood key words/concepts etc, then students explain words in pairs to those who have red cards - Student teaches others in small groups/individuals - Students acting parts of scenes having researched meanings of key words (teacher prepares questions beforehand to help students work out the meanings) (English) 3) Use of technology: - List of websites and questions students use the websites to answer the questions - Use of visualisers to annotate / show students work - Handheld blueberries (Maths) students can use to respond to quizzes can be numerical answers, multiple choice, free text (will be trialled in summer term) 4) CPD: - Time management - Effective marking - A level subject knowledge - Skills/knowledge focus on the differences between these between the different key stages