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BY: (Marckens Marseille) Do now I don’t know much about wave, because I’ve been out for a minute. Think learning about wave is very hard.

Revolution storybook

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BY: (Marckens Marseille)

Pg 1 Once upon a time there was a group of people call the colonist. They lived in these wonderful place call the 13 colonies. They were very happy because the big bad people name British left them alone. They came from this big place called England. They didnt like England. England gave them mean rules, that they didnt like.

Pg 2(Reader) Do you know why the Colonist left England. Well it all started on night when god saw that the colonist was suffering and decided that he was going to sent down 4 angles. That angles looked just like them so that they would not be scared. The angels named were Plato. Baron, John and Jean. They told them that it was ok to be free and not lesson to the mean king and queen. They gave them ideas so that they could leave England.

Pg 3When they got to America ,the king was nice and fun, but a horrible thing happen. The King got into a fight with the Indians and the French. Because of the fight they left the king with a lot of debt. They needed a lot of money . So the new big bad king made the colonist pay a lot of money called taxes. the big bad king got greedy and started putting more taxes. the colonist decided to boycott and not paying taxes. Some did and some didn't.Pg 4It all got worst. The king didn't let the colonist trade things or travel around to other places. There was this line called the proclamation line that separated the colonist with other people. The king didnt want them to cross that line. The king made the soldier that was not at war stay at the colonists houses for long times. The colonist could not send letters to there friends and family without paying.Pg 5The British were even more evil then ever. They started shooting colonist for no reason. 5 colonist died. So the colonist got mad and wanted to fight back. They threw all the king tea away in the ocean. The king lost a lot of money from that, and was very mad.

Pg 612 out of the 13 colonies met together to talk about them being free called The continental congress. They send a letter to King George about was the evil British did. They made their own army so that they can fight the British. They were sick and tired of being hurt so they fought back and so began a war. Many people died.Pg 7 A few month later this writer name T-pain wrote this book called common sense. That was a popular book back then. Everybody read that book and they liked it a lot. He talk about how mean and stupid the British was. The book was everywhere.

About the AuthorWrite a brief and appropriate BIO on the author (You )Your bio should include basic information likeWhere you currently liveAgePrevious books youve written Future projectsINSERT PICTURE(s) of AUTHOR HEREDo now I dont know much about wave, because Ive been out for a minute. Think learning about wave is very hard.