Resources for Figurative Language Teachers

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Resources for middle school language arts teachers who teach figurative language.

Text of Resources for Figurative Language Teachers

  • 1. FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE Resources for Eighth Grade Teachers Compiled by Sarah Katko

2. SIMILES AND METAPHORS The difference between life is a highway and life is like a box of chocolates... Video from Dirksen Junior High School: Similes and Metaphors in Pop Culture Lesson: Making Meaning of Metaphors Lesson: Comparing Similes and Metaphors Simile and Metaphor Practice 3. IDIOMS Whos really in the dog house? Idiom lesson Interactive idioms Idioms: Story With Quiz 4. HYPERBOLE Limos arent the only things that can stretch. Video from Creston Middle School: Hyperbole in Pop Culture Lesson: Using Hyperbole to Add Humor Fun Examples of Hyperbole 5. PERSONIFICATION Bring those words to life. Please. Examples of Personification Indepth explanation and extended examples Personification review game 6. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Yes, they are all free. Classroom Activities for All Types of Figurative Language Practice quiz Figurative language worksheets Bloom's Taxonomy Related to Technology 7. REFERENCES (Kellie Hayden) http:/