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Research Papers, Day Six: Prewriting, Opening Paragraph, Thesis Sentence, Outline


<ul><li> 1. Research Papers Prewriting</li></ul> <p> 2. Sizing Up Your Topic A good research report should address whatsimportant about the topic. Start by making a list of the most important thingsyou found in your research. Put similar details together and evaluate the sourcesto make sure they fit in with your overall point. 3. 5-Paragraph Essay Form Say what youre going to say, say it, then say that you said it.1. Opening Paragraph a) Learn to use the funnel! b) End with your thesis statement.2. First Body Paragraph (first point about topic)3. Second Body Paragraph (second point about topic)4. Third Body Paragraph (third point about topic)5. Conclusion Paragraph a) Reverse the funnel. b) Start by restating your thesis. 4. Remember the Funnel 5. Writing Your Thesis Statement Start your first paragraph with a broad sentenceabout your topic that can appeal to a large audience. Each following sentence should come closer tofocusing on your specific point. The last sentence or two of your first paragraphshould be your thesis statement, where you tell yourreader specifically what you will talk about in yourpaper. 6. Making an Outline You can make an outline to help you organize your paperand be sure you dont leave out any importantinformation. Start with your thesis statement at the top. Then, using roman numerals, list topic I, II, and III andput the main idea for each paragraph beside each. Under each of these, use A, B, C, D, etc. to indicateimportant points you dont want to forget in your paper. 7. THESIS: This enormous, hundred-year-old salt mine lies beneath the city ofDetroit, Michigan.I. Salt is much more important than most people realize. A. Wars have been fought over salt, and it has been used for money. B. It helps keep the body alive and healthy. C. It is used to preserve food, to soften water, and to make chemicals. D. It is used to melt the ice on roads.II. Scientists say that the Detroit mine digs into a bed of salt that is severalhundred million years old.A. .B. .REMEMBER:In an outline, if you have a I, you must have II. If you have an A, you must also have a B. 8. Homework Write your opening paragraph, complete with thesisstatement. Create an outline to give me the direction of whereyou are going on the paper. Due on Friday, January 25th, 2013 at the beginning ofclass. Worth 100 points. Do not earn a zero!</p>


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