Research Methodology report writing

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Research Methodology

Research MethodologyReport WritingSignificance of Report writingSteps involved in writing a ReportLogical analysis of the subject matterPreparation of the final outlinePreparation of the rough draftRewriting and polishing of the rough draft

Steps involved in writing a ReportPreparation of the final bibliographyFor books and pamphletsName of the author, last name firstTitle, underlined to indicate italicsPlace, publisher, and date of publicationNumber of volumesFor magazines and newspapersName of the author, last name firstTitle of article, in quotation marksName of periodical, underlined to indicate italicsThe volume or volume and numberThe date of the issueThe paginationSteps involved in writing a ReportWriting the final draftLayout of the Research ReportPreliminary PagesTitle and DateAcknowledgmentsTable of ContentsList of TablesMain TextIntroductionStatement of Findings and RecommendationsResultsImplications of the ResultsSummary End MatterAppendicesBibliographyPrecautions for writing Research ReportsLong enough to cover the subject but short enough to maintain interestTechnical jargons should be avoidedReady availability of the findingsShould be free from grammatical mistakes Precautions for writing Research ReportsShould show originality and should necessarily be an attempt to solve some intellectual problemBibliography of sources consulted is a mustReport must be attractive in appearance, neat and clean


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