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TNMT take students through tour of Renaissance art.

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  • 1.The Renaissance

2. 5 ideals of The Renaissance Humanism shows influence of classic styles Secularism questions religion, places other pursuits above religion Individualism importance of what the individual can achieve/attain Rationalism critical thinking, scientific analysis Virtu ability & talent (virtuoso not virtue) 3. Renaissance Art Distinguished itself from the art of the Middle Ages: Attention to details Perspective Human body Preparation & sketches Subject matter Religious themes still popular, but Greek & Roman influences Branch out into other subjects 4. Renaissance Art, contd New mediums Bronze sculpture in addition to traditionalmarble Oil paints start to replace tempura Individualism Artists begin to sign works Patrons sponsor art to glorify themselves 5. RenaissanceThe artists 6. Donatello 1386-1466 Florence Sculptor, painter Influenced latersculptors includingMichelangelo Worked inmarble and bronze 7. St. John theEvangelist 1408-1415 Marble 215 cm 7 feet 8. St. Mark1411-1413 Marble 236 cm- 7.6 feet 9. The David 1430s Renaissances 1st large scale bronze free-standing nude Young David killing Goliath Feminine qualities Hat/boots 10. Leonardo 1452-1519 painter, sculptor, scientist, writer, architect Renaissance Man skilled in a variety of areas 11. THE LAST SUPPER 1495 Jesus and Apostles, 4 years to complete. Back wall of the dinning hall Dominican convent at Sta Maria delle Grazie. Tempera egg yolk and vinegar, peeled very easily, been restored many times 12. The Mona Lisa 1503-1505 Wood/oil La Gioconda wife of Italian merchant Perspective mountains/roads Louvre, Paris 13. Muscles of neck and shoulder 14. MICHELANGELO 1475-1564 Florence sculptor, painter, and architect 15. The Pieta 1498-1500 St Peters Basilica Done before 25 Only signed work - marble 16. The David, 1501-1504, Florence,18 FEET TALL - marble 17. But can he paint? 18. Sistine Chapel Sistine Chapel built in 1470 - 40 by 130feet more than 5000 sq ft of ceiling 1508-1512 - Michelangelo hired by Pope Julius II to paint the ceiling Fresco-plaster put on then scored in the drawing, Michelangelo would then paint the basic colors Old Testament over 300 figures, Received no payment 19. OK, but hes not an architect 20. SAINT PETERS BASILICA ROME first begun in 1506 Michelangelo designed the dome Dedicated in 1626 Holds 60,000 21. More than 450 feet high The PA capital dome is copied after St Peters 22. Raphael 1483-1520 Urbino painter, architect 23. School of Athens 1509/1510, Secular philosphy, Commissioned by the Pope Aristotle, Plato, Ptolemy, himself 24. Raphael is Most Famous for hisMadonna Paintings 25. The Sistine Madonna1512-1514Oil on canvas Have you seen these cherubs before? 26. Self Portrait