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  • 1.Reading DefinitionsTED 406 Teaching Secondary Reading Jill A. Aguilar

2. 1Reading means gettingmeaning from certaincombinations of letters. Teachthe child what each letterstands for and he can readwords are written by puttingdown letters from left toright. 3. 2Reading is a precise process.It involves exact, detailed,sequential perception andidentification of letters,words, spelling patterns andlarger language units. 4. 3Printing is a visual means of representingsounds which are language. Meaning is inthese sounds. We want to equip the child toturn the written word into a spoken word(whether he actually utters it or not) so hewill hear what it says, that is, get its meaning. 5. 4Reading is the active process ofreconstructing meaning from languagerepresented by graphic symbols (letters), justas listening is the active process ofreconstructing meaning from the soundsymbols (phonemes) of oral language. 6. 5Reading is the process of constructingmeaning through dynamic interaction amongthe readers existing knowledge, the languageof the text, and the context of the situation. 7. 6If the words remain words and sit quietly onthe page; if they remain nouns, and verbs andadjectives, then we are truly blind.But if the words seem to disappear and ourinnermost self begins to laugh and cry, to singand dance, and finally to fly if we aretransported in all that we are, to a brand newworld, then and only then can we say weREAD! 8. Reading Definitions Flesch, R. (1955). Why Johnny cant read. New York: Harper& Row. View denounced in Goodman, K. S. (1967). Reading: Apsycholinguistic guessing game. Journal of the ReadingSpecialist, 6, 126-135. Walcutt, C. C. & McCracken, G. (1975). Lippincott BasicReading. New York: Macmillan. Smith, E. B., Goodman, K. S. & Meredith. (1970). Languageand thinking in the elementary school. New York: Holt,Rinehart. Michigan Department of Education, definition of reading. Wayman, J. (1980). The other side of reading. Carthage, IL:Good Apple.